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July 2014

'Articles' US Paper Proposes to Give Congress an Option to Nationalise CCPs 23 July 2014

Despite the public narrative that Dodd Frank will prevent any further banking bail-outs - what happens if a CCP fails?

'Articles' Cross Margining Benefits & Capital Savings | PRISMA 20 July 2014

Predictions of the margin and capital savings of the new Eurex Prisma platform.

'Articles' OTC Clearing - Cross-Product versus Cross-Currency Margining 20 July 2014

A comparison of the outcome of cross-product and cross-currency margining.

'News' Weekly Roundup | 21st July 2014 20 July 2014

Credit Suisse becomes top swaps clearer in U.S. 

'Articles' Weekly Roundup | 13th July 2014 13 July 2014

A selection of the past weeks stories

'News' 10th ESMA EMIR Q&A Published 11 July 2014

Minor updates to the EMIR Q&A, but check them all the same

'News' European CCP Authorisation | July 7th 08 July 2014

One new CCP Authorised, two big CCPs not yet

'News' Weekly Roundup | 6th July 2014 06 July 2014

ICAP’s i-Swap platform sets new US Dollar interest rate swap volume record in June


'Articles' Davis Polk Explain the Regulatory Uncertainties for Non-US CCPs 04 July 2014

An article at Risk, now public, explains the deep uncertainty around the outcome of the CFTC exemption consideratons for non-US CCPs

'News' Are You Saving Articles On The Site? | Use the Star Button 03 July 2014

Here's a quick way to get back to your favourite stories.

'Articles' Eurex Clearing - Client Asset Protection for OTC Clearing 02 July 2014

Learn about the EMIR segregated account offerings available from Eurex.

'News' Double MPOR under Basle 3 | Collateral Disputes Carry a High Cost 01 July 2014

In the Basle 3 rules, page 40, (see bcbs189 below)  you see this:

June 2014

'Articles' Weekly Roundup | 27th June 2014 30 June 2014

Banks may stand to lose as much at $4.5 billion in OTC derivatives due to the mandated move to electronic trading, according to a new McKinsey & Co. report. That loss translates into a 35 percent revenue drop.