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Video Episodes - Interviews, Panels and Webinars

New to 2016, The OTC Space has been populating its YouTube & Vimeo Channels with interviews, webinars, discussions, events, and educational pieces. This page provides a menu to show what's currently available, and to quickly watch the pieces that interest you.


Breakfast Briefing Video: The Future of Collateral Management

On April 7th The Field Effect and The OTC Space provided a breakfast briefing on Margining to a packed room of attendees.


  • Bill Hodgson: Owner: The OTC Space & Capra Marketing
  • David Field: Managing Director: The Field Effect
  • David Maloy: Chief Operating Officer, NetOTC
  • David White: Head of Product Marketing: TriOptima
  • Karl Wyborn: Managing Director, Global Head of Sales: CloudMargin
  • Richard Glen: Head of Global Securities Financing Sales and Broker-Dealer Relations: Clearstream


  • Session 1 - Regulations, Industry Impact, Target Operating Model and New Margin Services
  • Session 2 - CloudMargin and Clearstream​
  • Session 3 - TriOptima and triResolve Margin​
  • Session 4 - NetOTC​

OpenGamma and Eurex Margin Expert Series

The calculation of Initial Margin has become centre stage, with mandated clearing, multiple clearing brokers and CCPs, and the economic impact on firms of the coming bilateral margin rules. Eurex Clearing and OpenGamma announced a partnership last year, that has since also been endorsed by Commerzbank as a user of OpenGamma Margin tools. The series of videos below covers margin from different angles and aims to illustrate the issues facing firms as the entire OTC market becomes margined, whether cleared or not.



  • Introduction
  • Session 1 - Buy-Side Margin Challenges​
  • Session 2 - Benefits of the OpenGamma Tools​
  • Session 3 - Panel Discussion​
  • Session 4 - Discussion of using the OpenGamma tools to Rebalance exposure across CCPs​

Reconciliations at ICAP: Duco Video Series Part 1

This is the first part of a video series looking at how data in the OTC market needs reconciliation to achieve high quality for internal and regulatory purposes. This video features Julie Carruthers, talking about how the role of IT is changing and why Excel is no longer suitable for carrying out reconciliations. She describes how her team have become 'agile' at implementing new reconciliations using Duco Cube.


  • Julie Carruthers: Head of Operations, ICAP


Riskfocus Webinar Video: Trade and Transaction Reporting - What good can come of it?

There is no end of research extoling the grim realities or lamenting the high costs and negative impacts of Trade and Transaction Reporting, unfortunately, it’s not going away. We thought it was time to explore the positive perspective. In this enhanced recording of a live event on June 30th we asked four firms with varying stakes in the Trade and Transaction Reporting domain to discuss the perceived, achieved and potential positives to be gained from this unavoidable obligation.


  • Bill Hodgson: Owner: The OTC Space & Capra Marketing
  • Brian Lynch: CEO, Riskfocus
  • Chris Barnes: Subject Matter Expert, ClarusFT
  • Gavin Dixon: Independent Consultant, ex-COO Credit Trading at BNP Paribas
  • Steve French: Director of Product Marketing, Traiana


  • The State of Play​
  • Data Quality and Controls​
  • What have we learned from the Public data?​
  • Delegated Reporting​


Video Demo of Riskfocus DTCC GTR Message Validation Service

Below is a video I recorded to show you how the service works for Business Analysts and Testers who need to run their GTR messages and check they will be accepted by DTCC. I show you the load and validation process for a couple of examples and explain how to dig down into errors to understand and solve them.



FIS Webinar Video: The Economics of Collateral and Making a Profit

In this video of the webinar, originally broadcast on the 28th of June, our panel discusses the latest research into the effects of mandatory clearing and bilateral margining on your collateral management activity.


  • Bill Hodgson: Owner: The OTC Space & Capra Marketing
  • Eric Bystrom: Director, FIC, Commerzbank
  • John Lund: Managing Director, JXL Consulting
  • Ted Allen: Director of Business Development, Apex Collateral, FIS


TMX Webinar Video: Opportunities for Capital Saving Under FRTB

David Chen from TMX explains how the way FRTB affects your trading desks can cause capital increase or decrease depending on how you take advantage of the structure of the calculations. Two examples are explained of moving a Swaption or Equity position between desk structures and capital models with a drill down on the expected or unexpected changes of doing so.