How to get ready for the next phases of Uncleared Margin Rules

A Practical Guide for Compliance with the QFC Stay Rules

22 April 2019

Incentives for Central Clearing and the Evolution of OTC Derivatives

We summarise the recent CCP12 report “Incentives for Central Clearing”. This report looks at the current state of play in Cleared FX, Interest Rates and Credit. It analyses particular niches in clearing, including Latam Rates and NDFs. It concludes that clearing has increased for Linear products, but Option markets remain uncleared. Further studies on legacy […]

KCCP – Clearing is Getting Cheaper

KCCP defines the amount of capital that must be held versus default fund contributions at a CCP. The lower the value of KCCP, the lower the overall cost of clearing. CPMI-IOSCO public disclosures show that KCCP has decreased at all of the major CCPs in the past three years. We look at the data and […]

Webinar: MIFID II Transaction Costs – are you compliant?

Time for change: Elevating the role of the risk function

Risk Function

The impact of a hard Brexit on the financial services industry

27 FEBRUARY 2019

With little over a month until the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union, JDX continues to monitor some of the key challenges which could impact financial services companies in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Many firms will have assessed their readiness for Brexit on the basis of having a transitionary period after 29 March, but we now have to strongly consider a cliff-edge outcome where the UK effectively crashes out of the EU with no formal agreements in place around key areas such as financial services.

Initial Margin: 10 key steps for a smooth regulatory compliance process

22 FEBRUARY 2019

With the threshold level for compliance and initial margin regulatory requirements set to fall to $750bn from September, JDX considers the legal, operational and systems challenges facing financial institutions.

Rate reform calls for pressing prioritisation

18 FEBRUARY 2019

This article was first published in Global Risk Regulator, December 2018.

Despite the issues around Brexit and the demands of ongoing compliance with regulations such as MiFID II, there is increasing evidence that financial market institutions are ramping up their planning for life after LIBOR.

How the hedge fund industry can maximise returns in 2019