At RegTek.Solutions, we are firm believers that gender balance in the workplace is more than just a moral imperative or a “women’s issue”, it is a business issue. The link between gender balance and profitability is widely documented. Data published just yesterday in Institutional Investor shows that “companies with gender-diverse leadership teams outperformed their less-diverse counterparts by 25 percent”[1].

Brexit adds to the burden

Brexit adds to the burden

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Don’t Wave Dodd-Frank Goodbye Just Yet


by Anne-Charlotte Duhaut, Marketing Director at RegTek.Solutions 

RegTech Summit – 04/10/2018

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London Recap

SFTR Shorts, Part 6

New SFTR Validations

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Is the Action Type following the EMIR model?


Watch the recording from our SFTR webinar

SFTR is just around the corner. With over 150 data fields included, much of this data new to trading desks and operations teams, it is crucial for firms impacted by SFTR to improve and gain control over the quality of their data ahead of the implementation date. During a webinar hosted at our London offices on March 13th, we gathered insights from some of the industry’s most influential experts to help you get ahead of the game and hear perspectives from every angle.


SFTR Shorts, Part 3