Euroclear Collateral Conference in Paris, March 11th and 12th 2013

Download the materials from the various presenters below, or the entire package of presentations is on the Euroclear Website here if you want to see the gamut. There's also extra goodies at the bottom of their page Euroclear items

BNP Securities Services


MTS / Newedge

RBS, Kurt Jarnigan, Enterprise Collateral Optimisation

LCH.Clearnet, John Burke, ECB Eligible Baskets CCP

DTCC, Collateral Transit Strategy

TradeTech Swaps & Derivatives, May 28th, 2012

  1. An insightful A to Z of Clearing, Bill Hodgson, here

Nordic Capital Markets Forum, Nov 21st, 2011

  1. The OTC Space, overview of regulatory change, no camels this time
  2. ISDA, The Impact of EMIR, Roger Cogan
  3. Grette Law Firm, Perspective on OTC Clearing for Norway, Johan 'King' Kongsli
  4. OMX, Clearing of OTC Products (launch of IRS), CEO Jens Henrikkson
  5. LCH.Clearnet, Client Clearing, Phil Whitehurst. This one is the most scary.
  6. Intedelta, The impact on collateral management, Jonathan Philp

Osney Media: Optimising OTC Operations, Nov 1st 2011

  1. Agenda for the two days: Agenda
  2. Short introduction by me, with Camel: Bill Hodgson
  3. The effect of the new regulations on Pension funds, by Nicole from Cardano: Nicole Grootveld Sandig
  4. Changing documentation approach from Guy Usher at Field Fisher Waterhouse: Guy Usher
  5. The process of joining SwapClear for a buy-side firm (MPS): Matteo Bertotti
  6. Changes in trading for the buy-side: Alastair Thomas
  7. Selecting a clearing member / FCM for the buy-side: Steven Maton
  8. Pricing OTC trades, by OTC Miroslav Vanous
  9. General advice on pricing for the buy-side: Florian Stark
  10. 'Right sizing' your collateral function: Bauke Vriesema
  11. State Street collateral services: Martin Higgs
  12. BoNY collateral services: Mark Higgins
  13. JP Morgan collateral services: Fiona McKellar
  14. Landscape of regulatory reform: Anthony Kirby