Registration Guidance

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The registration process has a number of steps, unless you complete all of them your access to the site may not work fully.

Step 1 - Fill in the profile form and choose a Username

Step 2 - Click Save, and an email is sent to you for verification

  • IMPORTANT: The verification email is sent immediately, if you don't receive it, check your Spam folder or ask your PC support people for help.
  • If you believe you entered your email address incorrectly, please email editor@theotcspace.com and we will help restart the registration process.

Step 3 - Receive and click on the verification email

Step 4 - Click on the link in your email and validate your email address

Step 5 -Add a password and various profile settings

Step 6 - Optionally add an email subscription

Step 7 - You should now be logged in, if not use the Login button on the home page