July 2013

'News' End of a 30 year era | LIFFE switch over complete 01 July 2013 | Bill Hodgson

The futures business at LIFFE has now switched from LCH to ICE over the weekend, bringing to a close a 30 year relationship. At the same time a new chapter opens with the NLX business aiming to capture exchange business to be cleared at LCH.

'News' ISDA 2013 EMIR Portfolio Reconciliation, Dispute Resolution and Disclosure Protocol | ISDA 01 July 2013 | Maria Leontiou

On 25th June 2013, ISDA has sent its members the pre-publication draft of the ISDA 2013 EMIR Portfolio Reconciliation, Dispute Resolution and Disclosure Protocol, asking them to provide their comments by Tuesday, 9 July.

June 2013

'News' Swaptions clearing proves tall order | Derivatives | IFRe 27 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Pushing exotic interest rate products through central counterparties is proving to be a tall order and could even endanger financial stability, industry participants have warned, as they wrestle with the complexity of clearing more bespoke over-th

'News' Clearing IRS at Eurex Incentive | Free Until Jan 2016 27 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Eurex have laid down an offer that any Member or Client who signs up by Dec 31st this year, then gets clearing largely free for two years.

'News' The OTC Space Leads the Way | FSB to consider One Repository to Rule Them All 25 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

In a tribute to an idea first raised on this very website on April 1st this year, the FSB has agreed:

'News' ISDA to Develop Standard Model for Margining Non-Cleared Trades… 21 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

An interesting move by ISDA - one for all Risk managers to get involved with, as the margin approach for non-cleared trades may (or will) have a massive impact.

'News' Close Out Risk Evaluation (CORE) | 20 - 70% Better Than VaR 21 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Bovespa in Brasil have developed an approach to calculating margin which considers portfolio hedges and the timing of close-out to produce a model which more easily integrates multiple assets classes in clearing.

'News' A broken model | Time to Nationalise Retail Banks 20 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Frances Coppola argues that provision of banking for regular people on the high street is fundamentally broken, and must require government guarantees to survive, hence the implication that a government sponsored entity (GSE) to provide basic curr

'News' ISDA Year End 2012 Analysis of OTC Derivatives 20 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

ISDA produces its Market Analysis to correspond with the release of the Bank for International Settlement’s (BIS) semi-annual statistical release. The BIS’s most recent release covered the period ending December 31, 2012.

'News' Cross margining benefits. Are they for all? 20 June 2013 | Maria Leontiou

A really comprehensive paper by CME was published this month (June), which amongst others, emphasises the benefits of cross margining, saying that $1 billion in initial margin savings have been achieved.  It also shows examples of savings achieved

'News' Rehypothecation – good or bad ? | OTC Clearing and Regulations 19 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Rehypothecation can be very bad and be the devil which cannot be controlled and can become a monster which can eat up every one.

'News' Costs of Clearing | Free Webinar 18 June 2013 | Ben Larah

On Tuesday 25th June, 2013, at 9am EST, I shall be hosting a webinar on the study "The Cost of Clearing: A Buy-Side Investiga

'News' Mandatory Clearing, June 10, Week One and YTD 17 June 2013 | Amir Khwaja

Following on from my blog post of Day 3, I wanted to provide an update of Week One and also take a longer view; the Year to Date.

'News' 13 Days 13 Hours 30 Mins 37 Seconds | Google Reader Dies 17 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

For those of us that consume website updates using RSS and a reader client, there is only a short space of time before Google rips out the most useful product they offer (apart from search).

'News' Competition | June 10 Prediction | The Results 17 June 2013 | Amir Khwaja

Today ClarusFT (and OTC Space) announce the result of our competition to predict the impact of the Dodd-Frank

'News' More Fixing Drama | The Race to Replace CHF TOIS 14 June 2013 | Ben Larah

The race is on to find a suitable replacement for the CHF TOIS fixing by 01 September, 2013.

'News' LSE to launch electronic swaps trading venue | SEF and OTF? 14 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Hot on the heels of the MifiD OTF announcement, LSE are intending to get into electronic trading of Interest Rate Swaps, cleared at SwapClear. The service should go live in Q4 this year.

'News' OTFs are Go | But is a SEF = an OTF? 14 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

According to reports from inside Europe, the concept and reality of an Organised Trading Facility (OTF) will become a reality under MiFID 2 in the medium term future.