July 2016

'News' Overview competent authorities 22 July 2016 | ESMA Feed

The link below is to an Excel sheet showing the details of which authority in each country is responsible for which piece of legislation. Sort of handy for compliance people I guess, and also for all the URLs to the regulators websites. Bill

'Articles' Stitching together the global financial safety net 22 July 2016 | Bank Underground Feed

Edd Denbee, Carsten Jung and Francesco Paternò.

'Articles' CCP Disclosures 1Q2016 – Trends in the Data 20 July 2016 | ClarusFT Feed

Central Counterparties recently published their new CPMI-IOSCO Quantitative Disclosures, meaning we now have three sets of disclosures, so I thought it would be interesting to look at trends in the data.

'Events' Advanced OTC Derivatives Documentation and Negotiation (US): 10% Discount for OTC Space Readers 19 July 2016 | Samantha Hodgson

This two day advanced level conference programme will provide delegates with advanced theoretical and practical training on documenting and negotiating a broad range of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives documentation. A 10% discount is available to registered readers of The OTC Space.

'Events' 6th Annual Risk Management Forum: 10% Discount for OTC Space Readers 19 July 2016 | Samantha Hodgson

Will include topics such as market risk, regulatory spotlight, credit risk, stress testing, liquidity risk, and operational risk. Registered OTC Space readers can make use of a 10% discount on registration for the event.

'News' Insights Enhances Razor Risk™ to Meet New Market Risk Standards 18 July 2016 | Peter Walsh

Razor Risk™ now supports the FRTB – minimum capital requirements for market risk capital reforms. The solution offers financial institutions the ability to calculate and manage market risk capital and performance across desks, business lines or top of house.  

'News' Compression Comes to Client Clearing via ClearCompress 13 July 2016 | David Hill

Compression for Clients of Clearing Members Becomes Available to Release Capital

'Articles' Comparing SIMM vs. CCP margin delivers unexpected results 07 July 2016 | OpenGamma Feed

On 9th June, it became clear that the European Union would delay the implementation of the mandatory bilateral margin. See for example the Risk article or the Bloomberg article.

'News' FG16/5: Guidance for firms outsourcing to the 'cloud' and other third party IT services 07 July 2016 | Financial Conduct Authority Feed

In November 2015 we consulted on guidance to clarify the requirements on firms when outsourcing to the ‘cloud’ and other third party IT services. The guidance is updated in the following areas:

'Articles' Brexit – Two Weeks On 06 July 2016 | ISDA Feed

Like many people, I woke up on Friday June 24 expecting to hear the UK had voted to remain in the European Union (EU). The final polls had suggested the Remain campaign was ahead, and sterling had begun to rally the day before.

'Articles' Message Automation working with Buy-Side on MiFID II solution 05 July 2016 | Hugh Daly

Many financial institutions and buy side firms in particular are seeking ways to leverage the work required in achieving MiFID II compliance by adopting a much more strategic approach to all of their regulatory trade & transaction reporting requirements.

'Articles' 25% increase in cleared swaps initial margin in the 5 days since Brexit 05 July 2016 | OpenGamma Feed

On Tuesday, 28th June, I posted a blog post about the impact of Brexit on OTC swaps cleared margin. We anticipated that the impact of Brexit would progressively increase in magnitude over the subsequent days.