October 2014

'News' EMIR Q&A - 11th update 24 October 2014 | ESMA Feed

Woo hoo - a new Q&A from ESMA on trade reporting. You can reach the PDF using the link below. The new items in the document include this:

'News' EMIR validation table 24 October 2014 | ESMA Feed
'Articles' Lost Lobos 24 October 2014 | Nick Dunbar Feed

Bill: This article is from Nick Dunbar, a writer on the capital markets and is imported from his RSS Feed.

'News' Cyber-security top issue for systemic risk says DTCC 24 October 2014 | Feed

Cybercrime1Greater information sharing and closer collaboration between the public and private sectors are needed

'Articles' Buy-side firms slam broker Sefs over lack of anonymity 24 October 2014 | Risk Magazine Feed


Name give-up a way of shutting market to non-dealers, critics claim.

'Articles' Fed Official Slams ‘Fantasy’ Of CCP Default Management 23 October 2014 | Dee Dervish

Dee Dervish from Formicary adds his thoughts on the Fed's view of how banks are roped in to help with CCP default management.

'Articles' EBA video on the EU-wide stress test 23 October 2014 | European Banking Authority Feed

Bill: The context for all this is a test of capital versus liabilities for many banks throughout Europe, the results will be published soon. Follow the link for the background and video.

'Jobs' Head of Market Supervision | London £80k - £120k 23 October 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Head of Market Supervision, £80k - £120k basic.

'News' Appeal For Help | SEF Terms and Conditions 23 October 2014 | Bill Hodgson

I have had an enquiry from a US investment management firm, who is beginning to engage with SEFs.

'Articles' The Search For Q | Dec 2014 is the Deadline 22 October 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Being a Qualified CCP will really matter very soon, and impact capital requirements if not.

'News' More derivatives launches on the way from Eurex 22 October 2014 | The Trade News Feed

Bill: Yet more competition for CME, Eurex are expanding their Exchange products, looking to grow their Exchange business.

'News' REGIS-TR Passes One Billion Mark 21 October 2014 | The Trade News Feed

REGIS-TR has become the first trade repository to report it has processed one billion derivatives trades since European trade reporting rules came into effect eight months ago.

'Articles' Eurex Euro Secured Funding Futures & Cleared IRS 16 October 2014 | Byron Baldwin

In the new world of mandatory OTC Clearing, daily mark to market valuations of Cleared IRS positions create funding cash flow requirements.

'News' Updated MiFID II guide 15 October 2014 | Energy Trading Regulation Feed

Norton Rose have updated their MiFID II/MiFIR guide on its application to commodities. It can be found here.

'News' ICE Europe to enter OTC Rates Clearing | LCH and Eurex Quaking in their Boots 14 October 2014 | Bill Hodgson

According to a story at eFN, ICE have made their chess move to position themselves to compete with a combined ETD & OTC clearing offering.

'Articles' Swap Futures | A Comparison of Products 13 October 2014 | Ben Larah

Since CME and Eris Exchange launched their swap-futures contracts in late 2012, the number of exchanges offering (or planning-to-offer) their own variations of the swap-future has grown.