December 2014

'Articles' The rise of passive investing. And the demise of investment managers? 18 December 2014 | Capco Feed

Bill: An interesting commentary on the Investment Management business.

'Articles' Russia’s rouble crisis: Going over the edge 16 December 2014 | The Economist Feed


'Articles' Straight-through Processing and the Application of Technology in Collateral Management 16 December 2014 | Securities Finance Monitor Feed

Articles and reports on collateral management tend to focus on the high-level application of technology and the money to be made (or not lost) from collateral optimization.

'Articles' Transparency in Clearing Data 16 December 2014 | ClarusFT Feed

About a month ago I was at a conference and heard folks mention OTC clearing volumes, and my curiosity got the best of me:  Who is clearing what, and how much is going through each venue?  So I began pulling clearing data…

'Articles' Lost Lobos Part 2 16 December 2014 | Nick Dunbar Feed

When I was in my twenties, I worked on a film being shot location in the London borough of Newham.

'Articles' Professional Risk Managers international Association's (PRMIA) Risk Year in Review 16 December 2014 | Sol Steinberg

Risk management emerges as a competitive focus area for hedge funds

'Articles' Some Specifics of the Dodd-Frank Act Swap Push-Out Rule 12 December 2014 | John Kiff Feed

There’s a lot of talk about what’s covered and what’s not in the Dodd-Frank Section 716 Push-Out rules. So just for the record, here’s an explanation from a 2011 piece from the Reuters “Practical Law” service.

'Articles' Time for a job swap? 12 December 2014 | Penny Davenport

Did you return from your summer break wondering if you were in the right job? 

'Articles' FATCA – is the pressure off? 12 December 2014 | JDX Consulting Feed

What is FATCA?

'News' ESMA adds Holland Clearing House BV to list of authorised CCPs under EMIR 12 December 2014 | ESMA Feed

ESMA has today added the Holland Clearing House B.V. to its list of authorised CCPs under the European Markets
Infrastructure Regualtion (EMIR). EMIR requires EU-based CCPs to be

'Articles' QCCP deadline definitely delayed 12 December 2014 | DRS LLP Feed

To the surprise of no-one, the EC has today confirmed that the QCCP deadline has been extended by six months to 15 June 2015.

'Articles' The Height of Absurdity: The Operation of the Government Hinges on Blanche Lincoln’s Brainchild 12 December 2014 | Streetwise Professor Feed

There’s a whole lotta stupid in Frankendodd. A whole lot. The SEF Mandate is at the top of the list, but the “Swaps Pushout” isn’t far behind.

'News' Eurex backs GMEX's swap future with listing and clearing deal 11 December 2014 | The Trade News Feed

Swap futures platform GMEX has struck a deal with Eurex to list its products on the German futures exchange, with a view to go live in early April.

'Articles' Ensuring CCPs are not TBTF 10 December 2014 | ISDA Feed

Last month, ISDA issued Principles on CCP Recovery, a short paper that crystallizes and makes recommendations on the adequacy and struct

'Articles' CDS clearing – The looming mandate 09 December 2014 | Risk Magazine Feed

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'News' 07Dec/December 2014 Quarterly Review: Buoyant yet fragile? 07 December 2014 | BIS Feed

BIS Quarterly Review - 7 December 2014 (BIS Press Release)

Bill: One of the main sources of solid data about the capital markets is the BIS review, the latest of which can be reached via the link below. OTC highlights include:

'Articles' Hit the Road, State Street 07 December 2014 | Streetwise Professor Feed