May 2015

'Articles' EMIR trade reporting a year on – issues faced, lessons learnt and what comes next? 29 May 2015 | JDX Consulting Feed

The European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) outlined the European Unions response to the commitments made by the G20 at the 2009 Pittsburgh summit. Trade Reporting by both parties to a trade was a core tenet of this regulation.

'Articles' AcadiaSoft and TriOptima tie-up to usher in new margin hub 28 May 2015 | Risk Magazine Feed


'Articles' BNP's European clearing head exits 27 May 2015 | Risk Magazine Feed


Gavin Dixon's move follows departures at Nomura and JP Morgan.

'Events' The Trading Show - Chicago 2015 26 May 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

The Trading Show Chicago is the only event that combines quant, automated trading, exchange technology, big data and derivatives. If you want to do business with the CTO of an automated trading firm, the head of quantitative analysis of a leading bank, the head of global exchange, the global head of derivatives from a leading fund manager or the Chief Data Officer of a financial institution, you cannot miss this event.

'Articles' Aaagghhhh! You’re driving me crazy! 21 May 2015 | Penny Davenport Feed

ConflictIts funny how conflicts at

'News' The EMIR Review Has Begun 21 May 2015 | Bill Hodgson

As promised informally, the European Commission has begun a public consultation.

'Events' Synthetic Financing Webinar: Operating Model Principles and Technology Challenges 20 May 2015 | Martin Seagroatt

4sight and The Field Effect would like to invite you to a webinar on Synthetic Financing on Wednesday, 17th June.

'Events' ABTEC 2015 20 May 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

ABTEC is the largest and most prestigious event that convenes the entire financial technology community from across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

'Articles' CME-LCH Basis Spread 20 May 2015 | ClarusFT Feed

Amir: Recently I noticed that the view statistics for my June 2014 blog on LCH-CME Switch Trades were running at 5 times their weekly average, which I thought was odd.

'News' FCA fines Barclays £284,432,000 for forex failings 20 May 2015 | Financial Conduct Authority Feed

This is the largest financial penalty ever imposed by the FCA, or its predecessor the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

'Articles' Esma official slams CFTC margin rules 15 May 2015 | Risk Magazine Feed

European commission

'Articles' Get Inspired and Be Inspiring by Nishadi Ranasinghe 14 May 2015 | Penny Davenport Feed

Being at the very beginning of what I hope to be my long and winding career road, a crucial part of my development has been finding people in my work place who inspire me.

'Articles' Nomura pulls back on swaps clearing 12 May 2015 | Financial Times | Clearing and Settlement Feed

Japanese bank cites regulatory delays and uncertainty for closure of some OTC derivatives clearing

Bill: The scope of this announce is ex-Japan, where they will contain to provide service.

'News' The Updated OTC Space iPad App 12 May 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

Get The OTC Space on your iPad with the updated app

'Articles' No answer yet to cross-border concerns 11 May 2015 | ISDA Feed

US and European regulators continue in their efforts to reach agreement on their clearing house rules.