November 2016

'News' Message Automation hosts MiFID II/MiFIR working group. 14 November 2016 | Hugh Daly

MA recently hosted a highly successful, in-depth MiFID II Working Group focused on trade and transaction reporting implementation.

'News' The Most Dangerous Software On the Planet? 14 November 2016 | Bill Hodgson

In banking probably the most widely used piece of software is Microsoft Excel - the Swiss army knife of data processing tools.

'Events' TSAM Boston, The Summit for Asset Management: 20% Discount for OTC Space Readers 11 November 2016 | Samantha Hodgson

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) brings you together with senior decision makers from the world’s most innovative and forward thinking asset managers globally. OTC Space registered readers can obtain a 20% discount on registration.

'Events' EBR - European Banking Regulation: 20% Discount for OTC Space Readers 11 November 2016 | Samantha Hodgson

Listen to more than 30 experts from European and national supervisory, politics, associations, practitioners and auditors both from Germany and abroad. OTC Space registered readers can obtain a 20% discount on registration.

'Articles' The tide turns against bank regulation 11 November 2016 | Nick Dunbar Feed

The blog post below comes from Nick Dunbar, author of the excellent book "The Devil's Derivatives" but also his new data service at https://riskyfinance.com

'Articles' Derivatives start-up aims to cut costs at margin hub 11 November 2016 | Risk Magazine Feed

For those without a subscription to Risk, the story is in the text below from the website of Quantile Technologies.

'Articles' Andy Green in Waters on ESMA’s MiFID II Guidance 10 November 2016 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

In a recent Waters article by Joanna Wright on ESMA’s October MiFID II ESMA

'Articles' Interview: Ulf Zetterberg, Seal’s Founder 09 November 2016 | Richard Tromans Feed

Artificial Lawyer caught up with legal AI company founder and CEO, Ulf Zetterberg, during his recent visit to London.

'Articles' Do Labour-run councils pay more to borrow than Conservatives? 08 November 2016 | Nick Dunbar Feed

I wrote this article before the 2015 UK General Election but Channel 4 asked me to keep it under wraps so not to give away what I was working on.

'News' On Distributed Databases and Distributed Ledgers 08 November 2016 | Richard G Brown Feed

Why can’t companies wanting to share business logic and data just install a distributed database? What is the essential difference between a distributed database and a distributed ledger?

'Articles' Sunny spells, patchy clouds and a typhoon of data 01 November 2016 | Patrick Thornton-Smith

The week started with temperatures in the 80s and a sunny outlook, but given the way Chicago can change, it wasn’t a huge surprise to see a 30 degree drop over the course of the event. In fact, the weather seemed to mirror the ups and downs of the industry over the last twelve months.

'News' New Exchange Aims to Explode the OTC Market 01 November 2016 | Bill Hodgson

A new exchange is in the process of launching hybrid products which will eliminate the key disadvantages of hedging rate risk on-exchange.