August 2017

'Articles' VM Rules: Almost There 21 August 2017 | ISDA Feed

Six months ago, the industry was facing the possibility of real disruption.

SwapClear Physical Segregation 'News' Physical Segregation of Assets under EMIR for CCPs 16 August 2017 | Bill Hodgson

Back when CCPs had to achieve reauthorisation under EMIR, their segregation offerings were a subject of much discussion and jargon.

'Articles' Bidding by HFTs and non-HFTs 15 August 2017 | Albert Menkveld Feed

Bidding is not gratis. In the old days, a bidder needed to stay around on the trading floor to wait for someone to "bite." An economist would call this the opportunity cost of his time.

'News' ESMA updates its MiFID II guidelines on transaction reporting, order record keeping and clock synchronisation 08 August 2017 | ESMA Feed

Tuesday 08 August 2017 11:18


'Articles' Unlocking Value via Process Standards 02 August 2017 | ISDA Feed

At the end of May, I wrote a derivatiViews post laying out ISDA’s ambitious vision for the future of derivatives market infrastructure.

'Articles' CCP Disclosures: How much does it cost to run a trading business? 01 August 2017 | ClarusFT Feed

The latest batch of CPMI-IOSCO CCP disclosures are out for Q1 2017. We look at Initial Margin across Rates and FX. The Top 10 banks post $14bn across three CCPs. This gives us an insight into the cost of funding a trading business.

July 2017

'Articles' The Dog and the Boomerang: in defence of regulatory complexity 27 July 2017 | Bank Underground Feed

Joseph Noss and David Murphy

'News' The future of LIBOR 27 July 2017 | Financial Conduct Authority Feed

Speech by Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA, at Bloomberg London.

'News' BNY Mellon research finds collateral pressures impacting most buy-side institutions, with many experiencing rising trading costs 19 July 2017 | Bill Hodgson

This comes from a press release but the report makes for interesting reading, PDF attached below.

'Articles' The CFTC Roadmap and Christmas 2019 19 July 2017 | Alan McIntyre

On Monday the 10th of July the CFTC published this roadmap that gives a view of the trail leading to Christmas 2019. It might only be the start of Q3, 2017 but this ten-page document means we can take a sneak peek under the tree and see what the 2019 Christmas pressies contain.

'Articles' CME Group Announces First Cleared Korean Won and Indian Rupee Interest Rate Swaps Trades, Amid Rising Costs in Bilateral Swap Market 19 July 2017 | CME Feed

CME Clearing US adds Korean Won and Indian Rupee, currencies not yet cleared at SwapClear.

'Articles' DerivSource Article on Dodd Frank: No Foot off of the Transparency Pedal 18 July 2017 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

Lynn Strongin Dodd’s July 13, 2017 Article “Dodd Frank: Scale of Change Remains Uncertain”, covers all aspects of the regulation in light of the new Administration’s stated position to dismantle it.