April 2012

'News' State of the ecosystem snapshot 02 April 2012 | Bill Hodgson

Below is an update on the state of CCPs, SEFs and SDRs from public information. The research was carried out by a SK Lim, a consultant from www.jdxconsulting.com for myself.

March 2012

'News' AirParrot bug - warning 11 March 2012 | Bill Hodgson

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'Articles' Extended Mac Display / Apple TV mirroring 03 March 2012 | Bill Hodgson

For anyone with a Mac and an Apple TV, a frustration is not being able to "beam" video, photos or presentations to a TV using AirPlay. Now using AirParrot all this is possible.

February 2012

'News' Dodd Frank & EMIR time line update 23 February 2012 | Bill Hodgson

The effects of new regulation from the US and Europe are drawing closer, whilst rule making is still not complete, and unpredictable, the regulators deadlines are becoming more clear.

'Articles' SwapClear T4 and T2 models 15 February 2012 | Bill Hodgson

For some reason there are people out there who keep googling T2 and T4 and hitting my blog. To satisfy their curiosity, here's what there is to know.