January 2018

'Articles' How should you assess the effectiveness of risk management? 26 January 2018 | Norman Marks Feed

If an organization seeks to perform at world-class levels, it needs to have highly effective processes and practices for managing what might happen – risk.

'Articles' The technical middle office. How are the skills required to provide effective middle office support and control being developed in the industry? 26 January 2018 | JDX Consulting Feed

Trading middle offices are not a new phenomenon, they have been in existence for a number of years.

Brunnhilde 'Articles' It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings (Part 1) The Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) 23 January 2018 | John Philpott

The standard response I get to CSDR is the “yeah so what, we’re not a CSD”. Brilliant. That’s a bit like saying that you’re out of scope of EMIR because you’re not a CCP and so what is CSDR all about?

'Articles' The challenges of complying with conflicting regulations: reality versus practicality 12 January 2018 | JDX Consulting Feed

12 January 2018
BY Stuart McClymont

'News' ESMA raises concerns on fees charged by CRAs and Trade Repositories 11 January 2018 | ESMA Feed

ESMAs review of TRs (as shown in the fact sheet summary below), indicates that clients do not find it easy to compare pricing across TRs.

'Articles' MIFID II – Why ISINs for OTC Derivatives are Bad for Transparency 10 January 2018 | ClarusFT Feed

Anyone who is a regulator or public observer of the OTC market should read this blog post to see why the current design of an ISIN for a rate swap isn't helping the goal of transparency.

'News' ESMA publishes register of derivatives to be traded on-venue under MiFIR 09 January 2018 | ESMA Feed

Much like the SEF mandate in the US, following MIFID II certain OTC products must now trade on an electronic platform, for which the PDF below is the list. Products outside this list can still trade directly by other means.

'Articles' Brexit and the ISDA Master Agreement 08 January 2018 | ISDA Feed

It’s one of the more complex, technical issues related to Brexit, but it’s one that has focused the minds of derivatives professionals since the 2016 referendum result: what does the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) mean for use of the Engli

December 2017

'Articles' Derivatives Contracts Will Not Be Void Post-Brexit 20 December 2017 | ISDA Feed

There’s a lot of speculation and second guessing about the final form of Brexit and the impact on financial services.

'Articles' EBA issues guidance for the use of cloud service providers by financial institutions 20 December 2017 | European Banking Authority Feed

The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched today its final guidance for the use of cloud service providers by financial institutions.

'Articles' CDM and the path to Christmas 2027 15 December 2017 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

by Alan McIntyre, Industry Relations Lead

'News' Call for responses to surveys on incentives to centrally clear OTC derivatives 14 December 2017 | Financial Stability Board Feed

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) have agreed to undertake an ev

'Articles' How to address Pension Funds Macro Risks? 11 December 2017 | Fernando Walter Lolo

Bond yields have been falling since 1982. Many sovereign bonds have ultra-low yields today. Ultra-low yields generate ultra-high liability values since the time value of money does not apply when there is too much debt in the system. Pension schemes that were comfortably funded a few years ago at 5% now have huge deficits. 

'Articles' FCA issues FFX outlook- fog confirmed 08 December 2017 | DRS LLP Feed

The FCA have today issued their response to the ESAs 24 November FFX announcement. It is brief and is worth reading in full as a masterclass in ironic prevarication and understatement.

'Articles' Monitoring of Basel Rules will be Critical 08 December 2017 | ISDA Feed

Publication of the latest package of capital requirements – often dubbed Basel IV – has been a long time coming.