October 2013

'Articles' Browsing Patterns on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop | Is This Your Experience? 31 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

I came across an interesting post with the chart below setting out one view of the primary times the three browsing platforms are used. The point seems to be that:

'News' Deja vu? Latest Basel III CCP capital rules may make CCP membership uneconomical | Risk.net Clearing Member poll 30 October 2013 | Jon Skinner

Risk.net conducted a poll of clearing members, a big majority of whom think CCP membership will become uneconomical under newest proposed risk-based and leverage ratio capitalization of CCP related portfolios.

'Articles' EMIR Trade Reporting Deadline: Manning the Panic Stations? | Aite Group Blog 29 October 2013 | Amir Khwaja

Virginie at Aite (pronounced eye-tay) gives feedback on the Trade Reporting precipice the industry is hurtling towards: 

'Articles' SEF Volumes for Week 4 | ClarusFT 29 October 2013 | Amir Khwaja

Four calendar weeks are in the books.  A common trend is emerging.

'News' Moscow Exchange launches clearing of OTC derivatives with Central Counterparty 28 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Moscow Exchange opened its new Standardised OTC Derivatives Market on 28th October.

'Events' TEDxAthens 29 & 30 November | Uncharted Waters 26 October 2013 | Maria Leontiou

I am sure you can all agree that these past few years have been a constant challenge for all, as balances and boundaries are constantly redefined, the world is trying to find its new equilibrium and all of us strive to  find our way into the futur

'News' iPad 3 and iOS 7.0.3 is Now Ok 25 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

My post a while back iOS 7 on the iPad | Don’t Go There (Yet) warne

'Offers' White paper | Collateral Optimization - Beyond Cheapest to Deliver 25 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Collateral Optimization: Beyond Cheapest to Deliver and the Big Red Button

'Events' Event Information | TEDxWallStreet | New York 25 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

TEDxWallStreet is radically different from a typical commercial, finance-related event.

'News' ESMA CCP front-loading - problem waiting to happen? | Risk article 25 October 2013 | Jon Skinner

ESMA rules deem that once one CCP is authorized to clear a given product, non-exempt participants have to clear every trade executed after that date - even if the clearing mandate for new trades is not live yet.

'Events' Register for the Future of Collateral Optimization Webinar | 4Sight & Intedelta 24 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

4sight and Intedelta would like to invite you to a webinar on how financial firms can optimize trading decisions based on:

'News' Eurex Clearing Application for EMIR Deemed Complete 24 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

The process for reviewing an EMIR re-authorisation application involves:

'News' Weekly Roundup | Collateral Management | 22 Oct 2013 23 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

The Top Stories in Collateral Management this week:

CACEIS Launches Buy-Side Collateral Tool

'News' LEIs - Status update 23 October 2013 | Maria Leontiou

ESMA published yesterday an update of its

'Articles' Cross Currency Swaps in Swap Data Repositories 23 October 2013 | Amir Khwaja

In the majority of my previous articles on what we can see in SDRs, I have focused on Interest Rate Swaps and in particular Cleared Interest Rate Swaps.

'News' The True Scale of Global OTC Swap Reform 19 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson


'News' Secretive start-ups eye uncleared OTC risk reduction | Risk.net 16 October 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Whilst much of the attention has been on CCPs, in the background new services are emerging to respond to the coming increase in cost and margin for un-cleared OTC business.

'News' Swap Margins Increase by 12% | CME Group 16 October 2013 | Ben Larah

CME group put an announcement on their website on O