May 2014

'News' RBS to Wind Down OTC Client Clearing Business 19 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

The only way cost is going for OTC products is up - and the result will see structural changes to the firms operating in the OTC market.

'Articles' Tail-Wagging-the-Dog | Structured Products Edition 16 May 2014 | Ben Larah

A recent article in

'News' Procyclicality of Risk Based Initial Margin Models | Bank of England Research 16 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

The Bank of England have published a study into the way IM models work when reacting to stressed market conditions, comparing models such as VaR, Historic Simular VaR and HSVaR with an Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) filter.

'News' ISDA and FIA Europe Publish European Cleared Derivatives Execution Agreement 15 May 2014 | Maria Leontiou

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.

'Articles' Demystifying FVA 14 May 2014 | Ben Larah

There has been some confusion recently over Funding Value Adjustment (FVA).

'Articles' 2014 Glossary of Financial Terms | Sapient 12 May 2014 | Ben Larah

Sapient Global Markets' annual Glossary of Financial Terms is one of the industry's most comprehensive guides to the latest terminology for capital and commodities markets. 

'News' Shield Bug and Pasque Flower 09 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

I had to post this photo - it's the second Shield Bug I've got a good photo of - those of you who've received a business card from me may have seen the other, a green variety on an Echinacea.

'News' LSEG Looking to Compete with CME Deliverable Swap Futures 09 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

LSE Group moving into Swap Futures?

'News' CFTC Announced Package Trade MAT Phasing 08 May 2014 | Jon Skinner

CFTC unveiled its approach to removal of the package trade exemptive relief on the SEF MAT obligation.   The short term focus is on MAT swap vs mandated cleared swap package and swap spreads vs US Treasuries.

'News' EMIR Front-Loading Move From ESMA 08 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Front-loading, the obigation to move trades into clearing retrospectively is a major problem for pricing OTC trades. ESMA has written a letter / proposal to the European Commission to try and defuse this unexpected consequence of EMIR.

'News' European Trade Reporting "Has Gone Quite Well" | Chairman of ESMA 07 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

A speech by Steven Maijoor, Chair, European Securities and Markets Authority comments on European Regulation and future challenges to market reform.

'Events' Allen & Overy Free EMIR Seminar | 19th May London 01 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Law firm A&O provide a range of free briefings, even with food and drink included, the schedule is over at http://www.aoseminars.com. In particular I spotted their next event on EMIR:

'News' Video Introduction to SwapClear EMIR Segregation Accounts 01 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

SwapClear have created a video explaining their five EMIR account models.

'Events' Fundamental Review of the Trading Book | New York 01 May 2014 | Sol Steinberg

I am pleased to announce that, after a 12-year hiatus, the world’s leading risk management organizations will come together again on May 6, 2014.

April 2014

'Articles' European Trade Reporting | What's the Point? 29 April 2014 | Amir Khwaja

It is now more than two months since European EMIR Trade Reporting came into operation, read our analysis of the results and what Scott O'Malia at the CFTC thinks about our article.

'News' Commodity Trading White Paper | Craig Pirrong 25 April 2014 | Bill Hodgson

The trading of the basic commodities that are transformed into the foods we eat, the energy that fuels our transportation and heats and lights our homes, and the metals present in the objects we use in our daily lives is one of the oldest forms of economic activity. Yet commodity trading is widely misunderstood, and as a consequence, it is often the subject of controversy.