April 2018

'Articles' Fortuna - The World's First OTC Blockchain Platform 03 April 2018 | Bill Hodgson

Fortuna (https://www.fota.top), a start-up based in Singapore aims to revolutionise the OTC market and solve “several core problems” along the way.

'Articles' SFTR Shorts, Part 4 03 April 2018 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

Is the Action Type following the EMIR model?


March 2018

'Articles' CME Group to Acquire NEX Group plc, Details and PDF 29 March 2018 | CME Feed

How does this change the independance of services within NEX such as TriOptima? TriOptima currently provides optimisation services in the cleared and uncleared markets to firms like LCH.

'News' Regtek.Solutions Appoints Heads Of Sales For North America And Europe 20 March 2018 | Brian Lynch

New York & London, 20 March 2018 - RegTek.Solutions, the global provider of regulatory reporting solutions, today announced two senior sales appointments to support its growth in the core markets of North America and Europe.

'Articles' SFTR Shorts, Part 3 15 March 2018 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

Oxford Business Law Blog 'Articles' Norway shows why the UK won’t get a good bespoke deal on financial services post-Brexit 13 March 2018 | Bill Hodgson

As seems to become clearer as time passes, there might not be too many alternatives for the UK’s financial sector if the UK wishes to gain access to the single market post-Brexit. In fact, the EU recently rejected many of the solutions that the UK still clings to when it finally granted Norway permanent access to the markets. Judging from that experience, the EEA solution presents itself as the least unrealistic of the UK’s options.

'Articles' SFTR Shorts, Part 2 09 March 2018 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

'Articles' Public Margin Call Messaging API - VC funding call 08 March 2018 | Bill Hodgson

A new invention to make making margin calls easier. Just invented today

'Articles' AcadiaSoft Launches CollateralManager® 07 March 2018 | Feed

Bill: The announcement below seems to mean the AcadiaSoft platform now goes beyond it's original purpose of providing messaging for margin calls, into being an actual platform for the management of margin agreements.

'Articles' SFTR Shorts, Part 1 02 March 2018 | Alan McIntyre Feed

'Articles' The Times 2018 Business Transformation Report 01 March 2018 | New Link Consulting Feed

In this comprehensive report from The Times in conjunction with New Link Consulting we consider the subject of Business Transformation.

February 2018

'Articles' The Field Effect attended Broadridge’s ‘Take Control of Your SFTR Compliance’ seminar last week 26 February 2018 | The Field Effect Feed

The Field Effect attended Broadridge’s ‘Take Control of Your SFTR Compliance’ seminar last week where it was great hear how firms are preparing for their SFTR readiness, along with making new acquaintances.

'Articles' Biometrics – the future of banking security systems? 23 February 2018 | JDX Consulting Feed

23 February 2018

'News' How might wholesale financial services contracts be impacted by Brexit? 22 February 2018 | Bill Hodgson

A guide from AFME on the impact of Brexit on contracts.