July 2014

'Offers' 8 Books at 30% Off | Visit the OTCS Palgrave Page 07 July 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Palgrave have updated their website and put up a nice page with our logo, offering you lucky readers 8 different books all at 30% off. The latest one is "Equity Derivatives Explained":

'News' Weekly Roundup | 6th July 2014 06 July 2014 | Sol Steinberg

ICAP’s i-Swap platform sets new US Dollar interest rate swap volume record in June


'Articles' Davis Polk Explain the Regulatory Uncertainties for Non-US CCPs 04 July 2014 | Bill Hodgson

An article at Risk, now public, explains the deep uncertainty around the outcome of the CFTC exemption consideratons for non-US CCPs

'News' Are You Saving Articles On The Site? | Use the Star Button 03 July 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Here's a quick way to get back to your favourite stories.

'Articles' Eurex Clearing - Client Asset Protection for OTC Clearing 02 July 2014 | Byron Baldwin

Learn about the EMIR segregated account offerings available from Eurex.

'News' Double MPOR under Basle 3 | Collateral Disputes Carry a High Cost 01 July 2014 | Bill Hodgson

In the Basle 3 rules, page 40, (see bcbs189 below)  you see this:

June 2014

'Articles' Weekly Roundup | 27th June 2014 30 June 2014 | Sol Steinberg

Banks may stand to lose as much at $4.5 billion in OTC derivatives due to the mandated move to electronic trading, according to a new McKinsey & Co. report. That loss translates into a 35 percent revenue drop.

'News' The Future of Investment Banking | Oliver Wyman Study 30 June 2014 | Bill Hodgson

What’s the outlook for Investment Banking in 2014 and beyond?

'Offers' Collateral and Financial Plumbing By Manmohan Singh (IMF) | OTCS Reader Offer 20% off and Free Delivery 30 June 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Collateral and Financial Plumbing written by the leading authority on collateral, Manmohan Singh, published on the 30th June 2014.

'News' Margin and Collateral Efficiencies for the Sell Side - Ten Year Euro Asset Swap 27 June 2014 | Byron Baldwin

Margin & Collateral Efficiencies for the Sell Side - Ten Year Euro Asset Swap.

'Articles' Clash of the Clearing Titans | Eurex versus LCH.Clearnet 27 June 2014 | Byron Baldwin

An article from Risk Magazine tells the story of how battle lines are drawn on the OTC Rates Clearing front between Eurex and LCH.Clearnet

'Articles' Swap Futures Special Report | WP by Waters 27 June 2014 | Maria Leontiou

As we are all deeply involved in the implementation process of new regulatory structures I am sure there is not so much time to "see" the future and how business will transform once everything is up and running. 

'News' Updated ESMA Q&A on EMIR 23 June 2014 | Bill Hodgson

The ESMA Q&A has been updated, covering UCITS funds, AIFMD, intragroup exemptions, non-EU Central Banks, CCP Staff Employment, Risk Committees, interoperability, reporting of Collateral values and Trade valuations, and much much more.