February 2015

'Articles' Dodd-Frank after Four Years 02 February 2015 | George Bollenbacher

Last July marked the fourth anniversary of the passage and signing of the Dodd-Frank Act, so it is appropriate to reflect on the two sections of the DFA most of interest to OTC Space readers, Title VII on derivatives, and Section 619, the Volcker Rule.

'Articles' A Devastating Critique of the Worst of Frankendodd: The SEF Mandate 01 February 2015 | Streetwise Professor Feed

January 2015

'Articles' 2015 Annual ISLA Conference 30 January 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

The international Securities Lending Association, together with the Conference Advisory Group and this year's conference Co-Chairs Mark Whipple from Goldman Sachs and Philip Morgan from Nomura International have published the conference agenda for the 24th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference.

'Events' Deluge or Drought in Liquidity Markets? | A One Day Conference on Feb 6th 30 January 2015 | Bill Hodgson

Got your tickets for Deluge and Drought yet?

'Articles' Giancarlo: scrap CFTC Sef rules and start over 30 January 2015 | Risk Magazine Feed


'Articles' Freewheeling Freelancers Rule 30 January 2015 | Penny Davenport Feed


'News' Final risk mitigation standards published by IOSCO 30 January 2015 | Energy Trading Regulation Feed

IOSCO have published their final document on  the risk mitigation standards to be applied to non-cleared OTC derivatives, which can be found here.

'Articles' Updated U.S. and European Securitization Charts 29 January 2015 | John Kiff Feed

Here are my latest securitization issuance charts for the United States and Europe. Shortly I hope to add Australia, Canada and Japan when the data becomes available.

'News' ESMA publishes opinion on draft RTS on the clearing obligation for interest rate swaps 29 January 2015 | ESMA Feed

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has today published an Opinion on the Draft RTS on the Clearing Obligation on Interest Rate Swaps.

'News' Vendor Support for Dec 1st Bilateral Margin Rules 29 January 2015 | Bill Hodgson

First big platform to announce coverage of the requirements for Dec 1st

'Articles' Eurex Clearing CRR Netting Opinion 29 January 2015 | Byron Baldwin

Eurex Clearing has implemented documentation compatible with the market standard client clearing documents and has published UK and German Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) opinions.

'Articles' ISDA/FOA Addendum | Do you speak legal? 25 January 2015 | Maria Leontiou

Maria points out a candidate for the longest single derivatives sentance award.

'Articles' Longevity Risk Transfer Market Primer* 25 January 2015 | John Kiff Feed

My interest in longevity risk transfer markets goes back to a 2006 International Monetary Fund (IMF) working paper on the limits of risk transfer markets, an April 2012 IMF Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) chapter on longevity risk transfe

'Articles' Snappy comeback to latest criticism of value-at-risk 24 January 2015 | Glyn Holton Feed

'Articles' US considers delay to OTC swap rules 23 January 2015 | Financial Times | Clearing and Settlement Feed

CFTC discussing margin rules reprieve with other US regulators

Bill: a 2nd clue that the Dec 1st date for the bilateral margin rules may move.

'Articles' The Big Mac index: Oily and easy 22 January 2015 | The Economist Feed