July 2015

'News' One giant leap for the American financial services industry? 31 July 2015 | RegTechFS Feed

JWG analysis. It may have taken five years and five regulatory agencies to bring about, but the final version of the Volcker rule has officially landed.

'News' Compressions by ISDA: New entrants, new products and big results 30 July 2015 | Diana Higgins

ISDA's most recent research paper (attached below) provides evidence of the increased activity in compressions, particularly those to reduce the number of interest rate swaps.

'Articles' Updated U.S. and European Securitization Issuance Volume Charts* 29 July 2015 | John Kiff Feed

Here are my latest securitization issuance charts for the United States and Europe updated to the first half of 2015. I still plan to add charts for Australia, Canada and Japan but life and work have been interfering with that effort!

'News' Testimony of ISDA CEO Scott O’Malia Before the US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture 29 July 2015 | Bill Hodgson

An interesting read on the state of market reform, from Scott O'Malia, ex-CFTC Commissioner

'Events' 9th Annual Collateral Management Forum 29 July 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

After the financial crisis in 2008, the simple definition of Collateral Management as a set of assets which should hedge the credit risk of financial transactions gained a new dimension. Constant development in Collateral Management had to move to the next level. With nine years of thorough market research, Fleming Europe has built a name for itself as an event organizer which follows Collateral Management trends, understands the market and its needs and offers professionals space to discuss issues weighing the current market down and to improve the prospects for scenarios of all kinds towards a brighter future.

'Articles' Bipartisan Consensus Emerges on Inter-Affiliate Trades 27 July 2015 | ISDA Feed

The term — inter-affiliate trade — is hardly a household phrase.  But it is at the heart of an important risk management issue, and consensus is growing that the issue needs to be addressed by policymakers.

'Articles' CFTC’s Roundtable on the Made Available to Trade Process – July 15, 2015 27 July 2015 | ClarusFT Feed

Amir presented ‘Data-based assessment of MAT’ at the CFTC’s division of market oversight roundtable on MAT meeting last week.

'News' Progress in Implementing OTC Derivatives Market Reforms 24 July 2015 | Financial Stability Board Feed

The FSB published a ninth progress report on implementing OTC derivatives market reforms.

'Articles' The Dodd Frank Act – 5 years on 24 July 2015 | JDX Consulting Feed

On the 21st July 2010, the US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law.

'Articles' Dodd-Frank: The Five-Year Appraisal 22 July 2015 | ISDA Feed

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Dodd-Frank Act being signed into law by President Barack Obama.

'Articles' Webinar on CME-LCH Basis 22 July 2015 | ClarusFT Feed

Please join us, CME and ICAP on Thursday 23rd July at 11:30am EST, by registering here.  

'Articles' The Fifth Year of the Frankendodd Life Sentence 22 July 2015 | Streetwise Professor Feed

Today is Frankendodd’s fifth birthday. Hardly time for celebration. It is probably more appropriate to say that this is the fifth year in the Frankendodd life sentence.

So where do we stand?

'News' Market report and study on REMIT Reporting issued by ETR Advisory and ComTech Advisory 21 July 2015 | Energy Trading Regulation Feed

ETR Advisory and ComTech Advisory have today issued a detailed report on reporting under REMIT.

'Articles' Racing to Support a New Regime of Accountability 17 July 2015 | JDX Consulting Feed

The lack of legal accountability applied to key decision makers following the 2008 financial crisis remains a source of great public consternation.

'Articles' A Fork in the Road: the OTF-SI Decision Process 17 July 2015 | George Bollenbacher

For any investment firm operating a single-dealer bond or swap ECN in Europe, MiFID II raises a life-altering decision – whether to become an organized trading facility (OTF) or a systematic internalizer (SI). Given the way MiFID II is worded, that choice has far-reaching implications. And, since Article 20 of MiFID says, “Member States shall not allow the operation of an OTF and of a systematic internaliser to take place within the same legal entity,” this is very much an either-or decision.