March 2016

'Articles' SEF Order Book Pricing Can Rival RFQ for Interest Rate Swap Trades 16 March 2016 | Kevin McPartland Feed

New Greenwich Associates Report Urges Institutional Investors To Use Order Books in Tandem with RFQs   Stamford, CT USA —  A new quantitative research report from Greenwich Associates, Quantifying the Benefits of Order Book Trading to the Swaps Ma

'Articles' Off the Hook or Time to Prepare? Canada’s Derivative Clearing Rules Close to Final 15 March 2016 | Donna Bales

In February, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published a revision to National Instrument 94-101 Mandatory Central Counterparty Clearing of Derivatives (proposed clearing rule) for a 90-day comment period.

'Articles' Swaptions Clearing at CME 15 March 2016 | ClarusFT Feed

Last week CME Group announced that it will begin clearing Swaptions on April 11, 2016 and this triggered my interest in revisiting trading volumes and taking a deeper dive into margin requirements for Swaptions.

'Articles' EC adopts US CCP equivalence 15 March 2016 | DRS LLP Feed

The only recently-acknowledged elephant of EU-US CCP lack of equivalence is one step closer to leaving the room. The European Commission has today granted the CFTC status as an equivalent regulatory regime for CCPs.

'Articles' ICAP’s Post Trade Risk and Information division announces completion of a blockchain proof of technology 15 March 2016 | iCAP Feed

Boca Raton, New York, London, 15 March 2016 – ICAP plc (IAP.L), a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services, announces today that its Post Trade Risk and Information (“PTRI”) division has successf

'News' DU.CO partner with CME | Something New in Recs 15 March 2016 | Bill Hodgson

DU.CO positions itself between CME and customer to improve Fee recs

'News' SFTR Discussion Paper issued by ESMA 14 March 2016 | Energy Trading Regulation Feed

ESMA have issued a discussion paper on SFTR, the Security Financing Transaction Reporting rules. The paper can be found here. SFTR requires that all securities financing transactions be reported to a Trade Repository.

'Events' TFE and The OTCS Breakfast Briefing: Registration Page 13 March 2016 | Samantha Hodgson

The Field Effect and The OTC Space are pleased to partner on this event, in association with CloudMargin, TriOptima and Clearstream. This event will be free for guests to attend, located centrally in Canary Wharf and timed to ensure that guests can attend, have breakfast, and then return to their usual working day. See below for more details. This announcement contains all the information about the event, and the ability to register your interest.

'Articles' Houses: who has stopped buying them? 10 March 2016 | Bank Underground Feed

Lizzie Drapper and Hasdeep Sethi.

'Articles' Clearing Angst: Here Be Dragons Too 09 March 2016 | Streetwise Professor Feed
'Articles' SBSDR: The SEC Version of SDR 09 March 2016 | ClarusFT Feed

The CFTC began publishing rules about Swap Data Reporting in 2011, and we’ve come a very long way since then.  Just read any of our blogs on SDR data and you’ll realize there is a world of data now on this once-opaque market.

'Articles' CME Group Announces Launch of Interest Rate Swaption Clearing 08 March 2016 | CME Feed

CME plan to clear IR Swaptions from April 11th, something not apparently in the pipeline from SwapClear.

'Articles' Clear the Way: LSE (and LCH!) on the Block 07 March 2016 | Streetwise Professor Feed
'News' ForexClear pioneer steps down amid fall-out 05 March 2016 | Bill Hodgson

I spotted this story over at Euromoney....

'News' Video Commentary on LSE-DB Merger from William Barkshire 02 March 2016 | Bill Hodgson

A video commentary on the prospects for the LSE-DB merger and the effects on Asia, by William Barkshire, one of our contributors. Also thoughts on ICE or CME getting involved and going after LSE.

'News' ESMA issues 01 March 2016 | ESMA Feed

ESMA issues report on risks and costs of CCP interoperability

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