July 2016

'Articles' Brexit – Two Weeks On 06 July 2016 | ISDA Feed

Like many people, I woke up on Friday June 24 expecting to hear the UK had voted to remain in the European Union (EU). The final polls had suggested the Remain campaign was ahead, and sterling had begun to rally the day before.

'Articles' Message Automation working with Buy-Side on MiFID II solution 05 July 2016 | Hugh Daly

Many financial institutions and buy side firms in particular are seeking ways to leverage the work required in achieving MiFID II compliance by adopting a much more strategic approach to all of their regulatory trade & transaction reporting requirements.

'Articles' 25% increase in cleared swaps initial margin in the 5 days since Brexit 05 July 2016 | OpenGamma Feed

On Tuesday, 28th June, I posted a blog post about the impact of Brexit on OTC swaps cleared margin. We anticipated that the impact of Brexit would progressively increase in magnitude over the subsequent days.

'News' European Supervisory 01 July 2016 | ESMA Feed

European Supervisory Authorities say to the European Commission on the bilateral margin rules, in brief, WTF? You had plenty of time and participation to get this done.

'News' End of a Clearing Project, SwapClear LLC 01 July 2016 | Bill Hodgson

Wind down of SwapClear LLC in the US

'Articles' Financial Network Topology and Women of System: A Dangerous Combination 01 July 2016 | Streetwise Professor Feed

June 2016

'News' ESMA issues 30 June 2016 | ESMA Feed

There's a lot of legal words in the PDF below, but the short answer is that Danish retirement pension plan is right to apply for a permanent exemption from clearing and reporting under EMIR and has been granted an exemption as requested.

'Articles' Light at the End of the (Channel) Tunnel 30 June 2016 | Harvard Law School Feed

Posted by Christopher Leonard, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, on Thursday, June 30, 2016

'Articles' Will the EU Cut Off Its Nose to Spite Its Face on Clearing, Banking & Finance? 30 June 2016 | Streetwise Professor Feed
'Articles' Babyproof your career 29 June 2016 | Penny Davenport Feed

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'Articles' Hollande heightens City Brexit fallout fears 29 June 2016 | Financial Times | Clearing and Settlement Feed

French president moves to block London clearing of euro trades

'Articles' The impact of Brexit on your next cleared swaps margin call 28 June 2016 | OpenGamma Feed

In the run-up to the Brexit vote, many firms trading OTC interest rate swaps were understandably worried about the impact of short term market volatility on the margin that they would need to post to their clearing houses.

'Articles' BREXIT – The Impact on Swap Margin 28 June 2016 | ClarusFT Feed

Given the large moves in Swap rates that we highlighted in our BREXIT Day One and Day Two blogs, I thought it would be interesting to look at the impact on Swap margins.

'Articles' Unity Needed on Margin Timetable 27 June 2016 | ISDA Feed

Harmonization and coordination are easy enough to identity as objectives, but harder to achieve. Regulators can take a lot of credit, then, for their efforts to develop a coordinated global margining framework for non-cleared derivatives.

'Articles' Brexit threatens City of London: a Q&A 26 June 2016 | Financial Times | Clearing and Settlement Feed

London is the world centre of the complex plumbing of markets, but leaving the EU complicates that

'Articles' Brexit: Epater les Eurogarchs 25 June 2016 | Streetwise Professor Feed

Confounding all elite prognostication (more on this aspect below), British voters repudiated their self-anointed better-thans and voted to leave the EU.