February 2017

'Articles' EMIR Trade Reporting at 3 Years 13 February 2017 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

A year ago there were several articles and posts marking the 2nd Anniversary of EMIR Trade Reporting, which went live on 12th of February, 2014.

'Articles' The Rise of RegTek Solutions 13 February 2017 | Lloyd Altman

A recent Google search on the term “RegTech”, which is short for Regulatory Technology, returned no less than 260,000 results and the news section is filled with more than 13,000 articles.

'Articles' The current state of risk management 11 February 2017 | Norman Marks Feed

Normans post below refers to a survey of 641 risk management professionals. His analysis of the results and the comments make an interesting read. Does your firm have a Risk Management Strategy which informs key decision makers? Bill

'Articles' Time Running Out 09 February 2017 | ISDA Feed

First, the good news. The number of credit support annexes (CSAs) that had been amended to meet new regulatory variation margin requirements more than doubled during the past week.

'News' New Q&A tool launched 09 February 2017 | ESMA Feed

Get your questions in now.... use the ESMA email address and see what happens:

'News' ESMA assesses DLT’s potential and interactions with EU rules 07 February 2017 | ESMA Feed

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued today a report on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

'News' ESMA updates Q&A on MiFID II implementation 02 February 2017 | ESMA Feed

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published today the updated Questions and Answers

'News' ESMA updates its EMIR Q&A 02 February 2017 | ESMA Feed

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued today an update of its Q&A on pra

January 2017

'News' NASDAQ NLX Closure - Spot the Announcement 31 January 2017 | Bill Hodgson

The status of the NLX trading platform changes dramatically.

'Articles' All Eyes on March 1 31 January 2017 | ISDA Feed

From March 1, thousands of financial institutions will find themselves subject to new rules that will require them to exchange variation margin on their non-cleared derivatives trades.

'News' ESMA consults on a Porting Process for TR data 31 January 2017 | ESMA Feed

ESMA want your feedback on what you might characterise as a default management process for the voluntary or accidental withdrawal of a TR. How should your data get moved to another TR? What is the process?

'Articles' How to mess up your risk management program 28 January 2017 | Norman Marks Feed

We added a new feed from Norman Marks, a writer and expert on risk management. Look for his profile and click 'Follow' to get his stories on your home page.

'News' LCH Swap Agent To Send Trade Sensitivities to AcadiaSoft 25 January 2017 | Bill Hodgson

LCH plan to provide trade sensitivities to AcadiaSoft to support reconciliation of disputes.

'Articles' RegTech disruptor Risk Focus launches RegTek Solutions, Inc. 24 January 2017 | Lloyd Altman

Risk Focus, Inc., the specialist solutions provider to the global capital markets, today announced the launch of a new firm, RegTek Solutions Inc. (RegTek).

'Articles' Caution Required for Packages under MiFID II 24 January 2017 | ISDA Feed

It’s now less than a year until implementation of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID II), and European regulators are keen to nail down the last of the remaining policy details.