November 2017

'News' ESMA updates Q&A on MiFIR data reporting 14 November 2017 | ESMA Feed

ESMA updates Q&A on MiFIR data reporting

Tuesday 14 November 2017 10:24
'Articles' The EC Expects SFTR to start in 2019 08 November 2017 | The Field Effect Feed

The European Commission (EC) published their review of the securities finance market on 19th October 2017.  This includes a report of the progress in international efforts to mitigate the risks associated with securities finance transac

'Articles' CCP Notionals Scoresheet 08 November 2017 | Amir Khwaja

Notionals in IRD have increased since January, some from OIS which has a larger gross notional than IRS. The uncleared margin rules have boosted FX Clear, and the exchange rate from EUR to USD has appreciated increasing the values. SGX appears to be out of FX clearing, notional dropping to zero, the biggest swing is HKEX who quadrupled their IRD notional. 

'Articles' Trade Reporting – The gift that keeps on giving 07 November 2017 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

by Alan McIntyre, Industry Relations Lead

'Articles' The Absence of Cash is the Silent Assassin! 06 November 2017 | Andrew Whiteley

In the crisis of 2008, known issues of timing and risk within settlement processes caused extreme stress across the industry and led to the failure of major institutions.  

October 2017

'Articles' CME Group Announces Launch of Bitcoin Futures 31 October 2017 | CME Feed

'News' The new EMIR RTS goes into effect 31 October 2017 | Energy Trading Regulation Feed

The new EMIR Regulatory Technical Standard will officially go into effect tomorrow, on the 1st November 2017. However, many Trade Repositories have implemented the new formats slightly earlier (see here).

'Articles' RegTek.Solutions wins Rising Star Award from Chartis Research 31 October 2017 | RegTek.Solutions Feed

RegTek RiskTech Rising Star

'Articles' Solvency, Prudence, Market Regulations 30 October 2017 | Fernando Walter Lolo

In February 2007 HSBC gave the first warnings from a major global bank of oncoming sub-prime mortgage losses. In March of the following year, Bear Stearns collapsed. The following September Lehman Brothers failed. The financial sector would never be the same again. 

'News' FCA fines Merrill Lynch £34.5 million for failing to report transactions 23 October 2017 | Financial Conduct Authority Feed

The fine was reduced from £49m as ML responded quickly to the issue. It appears their EMIR reporting approach for ETD didn't actually work or go-live from the start of EMIR reporting on 12th Feb 2014 until nearly 2 years later. Ouch - Bill.


Bill: an 8 hour video - can someone watch it and tell me the highlights? 

'Articles' BNP Paribas Securities Services launches tri-party collateral management service 18 October 2017 | Dominic Hobson

BNP Paribas Securities Services, the custody and fund administration arm of the French bank, has launched a tri-party collateral management service. In a market dominated for 20 years in Europe by Clearstream and Euroclear, and in the United States for even longer by BNY Mellon and J.P. Morgan Chase, it is bold move. So why make it?

'Articles' A First Step Towards the Future | The ISDA CDM Project 17 October 2017 | ISDA Feed

Bill: I took a look at this first release on the CDM and took a while to let the ideas soak in.

'Articles' Murex to Offer Cloud-Based Trading and Risk Management Solutions 17 October 2017 | Murex Feed

For people familiar with the Murex platform, I believe this announcement now means you no longer have to install Murex on your own servers locally, you could run a derivatives business largely in the cloud.