November 2016

'News' Meeting 2 – Trade Reporting 29 November 2016 | The Post Trade Forum Feed

The time has come to hold another PTF meeting, and according to your survey feedback Trade Reporting is the topic to talk about.

'News' Countdown to Corda Open Source 25 November 2016 | Richard G Brown Feed

Bill: The R3 consortium has support from a large number of banks and has momentum in this space.

'Articles' The ISDA 2016 Variation Margin Protocol: Boldly Going Where No Protocol Has Gone Before 23 November 2016 | DRS LLP Feed

An excellent piece by DRS on the difficulties of the VM protocol. It appears that the legal world lives in the parallel universe occupied by Captain Kirk and Scottie, read on for more. Bill.

'News' Front Cover Photography Call 22 November 2016 | Bill Hodgson

We're looking for great images for the front cover of Rocket next year - do you have something that might work? Abstract, colourful, weird, stunning?

'Articles' Getting Smart 21 November 2016 | ISDA Feed

Complying with new financial regulation has led to the layering of new processes and systems onto existing infrastructure.

'News' ESMA publishes updated UCITS Q&A 21 November 2016 | ESMA Feed

Monday 21 November 2016 11:08


'News' 4000 18 November 2016 | Bill Hodgson

Our readership crosses 4000 - thank you all

'Articles' Trump Transition: Financial CHOICE Act - Only the Beginning 17 November 2016 | DavisPolk FinRegReform Feed

President-Elect Trump’s transition website promises to “dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act and replace it with new policies to encourage economic growth and job creation.”  To help our clients keep up with the reorientation of the financial regulatory framework, Davis Polk is launching a new blog,FinRegReform.com.

'Articles' Understanding BIS Derivatives Statistics 15 November 2016 | ClarusFT Feed

The most recent BIS data, at the end of June 2016 is here: http://www.bis.org/publ/otc_hy1611.htm and the BIS press release on their data is here: 

'News' Message Automation hosts MiFID II/MiFIR working group. 14 November 2016 | Hugh Daly

MA recently hosted a highly successful, in-depth MiFID II Working Group focused on trade and transaction reporting implementation.

'News' The Most Dangerous Software On the Planet? 14 November 2016 | Bill Hodgson

In banking probably the most widely used piece of software is Microsoft Excel - the Swiss army knife of data processing tools.