Article: ISDA Future of Derivatives Survey

24 April 2018 | ISDA Feed

The ISDA Future of Derivatives Survey considers the issues facing the industry, in order to gauge how the derivatives market will develop and evolve. While the survey shows that participants are largely optimistic about the future of the derivatives market, several key challenges are likely to focus industry attention and resources, including ongoing regulatory compliance, the rollout of regulatory initial margin requirements, Brexit and benchmark reform.

The survey was conducted in February and March 2018, and attracted more than 900 responses in total. Approximately a third of the responses came from dealers, and 43% comprised buy-side firms (including bank end users, pension funds, energy companies, asset managers, insurance firms, non-financial corporates and governmental/supranational entities). The remainder of responses came from infrastructure providers, fintech companies and law firms.

Open the PDF below to read the survey.

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