Is a Chart worth a hundred words or more? | Clarus Financial Technology


We have all heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well today I am going to postulate that "a chart is worth a hundred words or more” and also “a chart is a hundred times quicker in conveying key information”. A few weeks ago, we released our DDR View, which while great in the aggregate information it showed, it did so using tables of numbers. Each day I found myself looking at the grid of numbers to establish and re-check a few simple observations. The first being the percentage of cleared trades vs bi-lateral trades in usd, eur, jpy & gbp, which I would do by scrolling to each in turn, reading each gross notional and doing a rough mental calculation of the percentage. I would guess 60-120 seconds later, I would be satisfied and move on. Well today we have released a new version of this page, here: Is a Chart worth a hundred words or more? | Clarus Financial Technology. Amir K. Also see where this data comes from here (real time swaps at DTCC). Preview below. P.S. Bill: Yes, definitely - take a look at the funky charts which show a real insight into the swaps being recorded at DTCC. Once other SDRs start adding their data to the public domain, a more complete picture will emerge, but the one over at Clarus FT is top notch already and as far as I know unique.