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CCP Notionals Scoresheet

An update to our collation of the CCP notional figures. as of February.

Collateral optimization: the future of collateral management

Achieving capital efficiencies in today’s financial markets is crucial as participants look for ways to do more with less. So far this has largely related to margin levels, whether through portfolio margin across OTC and exchange-traded products or net margining across multiple asset classes. However, regulations will harmonise margin levels so participants will be on the hunt for other ways to make the best use of capital.

Comet 1 | The Photos

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Comet 1 Conference News | Speakers, Sponsors and Seats

Agenda, Speakers and Sponsors Update | Come along and Participate

Battle Lines Are Drawn | Who Will Win in Rates?

My latest article in the Calypso Ci Magazine is out, where consideration is given to the competitive position between the five big Exchange / Clearing verticals, including ICE, CME, LSEG, Nasdaq and Eurex. You can read the article over at the Ci website here, or we'll publish it later on this too.

Update: Supplementary Information About Eurex Repo

Who's Picking up the Tab? | CCP Investment & Operating Costs

A recent Risk Magazine article describes an alarming piece of legislation came into force last month.

Clear(ing) and present danger: Nasdaq OMX’s EMIR CCP authorisation

Earlier this month, Nasdaq OMX became the first infrastructure provider to be authorised as a Central Counterparty (CCP) under the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). The decision sent waves of mild panic rippling through the OTC markets, putting the focus back on an issue that was already predicted to pose problems for European banks and their customers – namely frontloading. Frontloading is a term that describes the obligation to centrally clear an OTC derivatives contract retrospectively.

ESMA Publishes a List of Authorised CCPs and OTC Derivatives

ESMA published their official list of CCPs and their products.

The Clock Starts Ticking Towards European Mandatory Clearing | OMX Authorised

The clock starts ticking towards mandatory clearing in Europe.

The weeks that were (Dazzling Derivatives; issue of 26th August 2013)

Dear all, the "Dazzle" had a one-week hiatus - but is back this week in full swing and with loads of worthy information. Have a look through the headlines - and enjoy your week. Tom Financial News will hold a free webinar on "Preparing for trade reporting and the phasing in of post-G20 reforms of the derivatives market".