Ten Years On

Anniversaries are important. They provide an opportunity to look back on important events in the past, and consider how they shaped the present. Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, it’s therefore natural that people think back on what happened and ask what has changed.

ISDA CDM 1.0 Webinar

In 2017, ISDA embarked on a project to develop the ISDA Common Domain Model (ISDA CDM), a common, robust, digital blueprint for how derivatives are traded and managed across their lifecycle. In June 2018, ISDA published an interim snapshot of the ISDA CDM 1.0, a standardized digital representation of interest and credit derivative products, along with an agreed set of business events in a machine-readable format.

Contractual Continuity in OTC Derivatives

The issue of contractual continuity in the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market following the exit of the UK from the EU (referred to Brexit) is a subject of considerable concern to firms and their clients and counterparties and should, we believe, be of considerable concern to UK and EU-27 regulators and policy-makers alike.

In the context of Brexit, contractual continuity relates to existing transactions and refers to both:

Capital Progress

The checklist of post-crisis reforms now has neat ticks alongside each item. Clearing of standardized derivatives – tick. Reporting, trading on regulated venues where appropriate, margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives – tick, tick, tick. Revised capital rules – tick. With these requirements in place, our focus is now on two key issues: making sure the entire rule set is appropriate and reflects risk, and we achieve a globally convergent regulatory framework.

IBOR Global Benchmark Transition Report

Interbank offered rates (IBORs) play a central role in financial markets, and act as reference rates to hundreds of trillions of dollars in notional amount of derivatives and trillions of dollars in bonds, loans, securitizations and deposits. The dependence on IBORs by all sectors of the financial markets is changing, however.

A Big Step Towards Efficiency

Bill: I already know of one firm who has implementing the CDM on their roadmap - are there others?

The Battle for IM Margin Documentation Automation Moved Forward

The September 2019 Uncleared Margin deadline (and the 2020 date) will bring many more firms in-scope for exchanging IM. Both ISDA with LinkLaters, A&O with Markit and SmartDX are in the process of launching platforms to dramatically simplify the process of negotiating and implementing the necessary agreements. The A&O platform was announced in April here, we now have a high level description of the ISDA platform in the attached PDF and description below. 

ISDA AGM Round-Up - 8 Announcements with a Focus on Margin

The ISDA AGM generated a wave of content last week which we've assembled into one handy place. Most of the material is focussed on margin for non-cleared products given the changes due in 2019.

ISDA Future of Derivatives Survey

The ISDA Future of Derivatives Survey considers the issues facing the industry, in order to gauge how the derivatives market will develop and evolve. While the survey shows that participants are largely optimistic about the future of the derivatives market, several key challenges are likely to focus industry attention and resources, including ongoing regulatory compliance, the rollout of regulatory initial margin requirements, Brexit and benchmark reform.

Getting Ready for Initial Margin: The Steps to Take

Each September until 2020, increasing numbers of entities will be required to meet initial margin regulations as the threshold level for compliance reduces. Preparation for meeting these requirements will take significant time, and will involve intensive work to ensure systems, processes and documentation are in place.