ESMA Publishes Results of EU Central Counterparties (CCP) Stress Tests

Rocket 6 Downloadable PDF Edition Available to Registered Readers

The PDF (downloadable) edition of Rocket is now available, including articles on ISDA Protocols, The Future of Trading, Indirect Clearing, Front and Back Loading, Anti-Abuse Legislation, MIFID Open Access, Portfolio Compression, The ISDA SIMM (Initial Margin) Model, Systems Transformation, Data Harmonisation for Trade Reporting, The Regulatory Reporting Mountain, Diversity in Banking, and a really useful piece from our Russian correspondant on Blockchain.

The ‘missing link’ in today’s interest rate derivatives markets for LDI strategies

Interest rate markets have changed substantially since the financial crisis, both visibly and also less obviously in their market structure. These differences challenge asset management firms attempting to operate on behalf of their clients, especially in liability-driven investing (LDI), where the rules and market are continuing to change around them.

Regulators Really Do Care About Data Quality

At the recent DerivOps conference Lloyd Altman gave a speech demonstrating why global regulators are continuing to focus on the quality of data being provided, and how they are changing regulations to fix some of the problems that have occurred.  Below is a video format of the speech with the slides, and for convenience here are the time points for each slide:

Master Your Initial Margin Before Someone Else Does It For You

Undertanding the drivers for your Initial Margin, both up and down, is a skill firms should master. Your competitors will use that knowledge to lower costs and make profits by reducing and switching exposure within and across CCPs.

OpenGamma and Eurex Margin Expert Video Series

Understanding your portfolio and cleared margin requirements is a key success factor for many firms. Watch our expert panel as they explain why this matters, what you can achieve and hear how tools from OpenGamma open up the possibilities to manage costs in this video series. Topics covered include replicating CCP IM calculations, why a trader or CVA desk needs these tools, how to rebalance exposure across CCPs, reducing costs, and cross-product margining, amongst others. Speakers from Commerzbank, Derivati Consulting, OpenGamma and Eurex Clearing.

Eurex Clearing conference: Cross-asset, direct access solutions to Eurex Clearing

With 2016 being the year in which the market embraces and implements EMIR OTC Clearing,  buy side firms are looking to complete their projects and start analyzing how to allocate their portfolios to cope with increased capital costs, higher margin requirements and the collateral squeeze.

OTC Derivatives Panel Video from Clearstream 2016 GSF Conference

Listen to an expert panel from AcadiaSoft, UBS, Commerzbank, UBS and BNP Paribas discuss the changing OTC market. Topics include Bilateral Margin Regulations, Collateral, the Leverage Ratio, Long Term debt.

CCP Notionals Scoresheet

Have a read of the latest CCP 'score sheets' which some dramatic swings in Notionals across the market. 

Eurex Launches Direct Access For Clients to Clearing

A new model for giving clients access to clearing by re-modelling the Client - CCP relationship