ClearCompress in 3 Minutes | Everything You Want To Know

I've recorded a very short video to explain ClearCompress, including what it does, how it does it, what it costs and how quickly we work. Check it out, and the 3D ending!

Challenges Of The Insolvency Regime for Central Counterparties

Although the prudential supervision of the Bank of England is focused on ensuring the safety and soundness of CCPs, priority has been given almost exclusively to the development of loss allocation and recovery rules. 

EMIR Article 9 RTS Re-Write – Now What?

By Alan McIntyre and Andy Green

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New Startup Will Replace Central Clearing and Rewrite Global Regulation on Margin

A new startup plans to revolutionise the banking industry by replacing CCPs in their entirety

The Mirage of All-to-All OTC Trading

Unlimited trading counterparts and “sources of liquidity”; quite a stark contrast from legacy OTC derivative market infrastructure.    

ISDA Pleads For Help | The OTC Space Industry Infrastructure Forum

ISDA sets out the case for a stronger cross-industry response to change | The OTC Space Calls For Industry Captains to Join A Discussion Forum

Emissions EUETS

A Systematic Approach to Staying Ahead of Regulations: Rocket Edition

All firms that participate in the Capital Markets Industry -  from Banks, Fund Managers, Institutional Asset Managers, and Corporate Treasuries to Exchanges and Industry Utilities - need to stay abreast of existing and emerging regulations that dictate what, how, when, and where they need to report about their activity.

Rocket 7 Downloadable PDF Edition Available to Registered Readers

The PDF (downloadable) edition of Rocket 7 is now available. If you're a registered reader, you can download it here for free.