Materials from the Nordic Capital Markets Forum event

I spoke at the NCMF event on the 21st of November and gave (what I hope) was an interesting overview of regulatory change including CCPs, SEFs, Reporting and the new processing model for the US and Europe. All the materials are public now, available from the NCMF website here, or below.

World's first FpML UPI tool on-line

One of the confusing things about derivatives is that they don't 'look and feel' like a bond or equity - they don't have any physical expression as a security, as they are fundamentally bilateral contracts between two professional parties.


Eurex extend CCP into OTC IRS and Equities

On Monday 17th of October Eurex provided a briefing on their forthcoming extension of clearing into Interest Rate Swaps and Equity Options. Eurex have an existing offering for CDS which is in maintenance mode, but they plan to be ready for the rush into clearing next year as the Dodd Frank and EMIR regulations get closer.

A regulatory cat

Can you see what it is yet?

OTC Derivatives Operations in Fund Management

NEXT TUESDAY: Coming up soon, a star list of speakers to update you on what's happening on OTC operations, chaired by myself. Click the banner or here to read more.

ECB plan to disintegrate multi-currency CCPs

Originally published at DerivSource.com

The ECB has proposed that a CCP must be domiciled, and settle, in the location of the transaction currency.

The relevant section of their document (ECB CCP Clearing) is this:

ECB plan to disintegrate multi-currency CCPs

I wrote a piece on the recent paper by the ECB to require CCPs to clear in the country of their currency, published on www.DerivSource.com, click here for the full story.