Managing risks of a no-deal Brexit in the area of central clearing

ESMA data analysis values EU derivatives market at €660 trillion with central clearing increasing significantly

FCA Survey Reveals 10 Times Increase in Firms Affected by IM

The reduction of the IM threshold from €750bn to €8bn will result in a jump of ten times the number of firms in scope.

EMIR 2 Progress at the European Parliament

The European Parliament votes to move forward with changes to EMIR

The EMIR Review and GDPR: Webinar Recording

In case you couldn't attend, below is a recording of the webinar we broadcast on the 14th of March.

The real cost of clearing

The costs of clearing come from many drivers, John explains when a porfolio meets a threshold for IM optimisation and options for bringing cost down.

Webinar: EMIR 2 and You + GDPR Data Lock Down

The EMIR Review will bring further regulatory changes which we will help you anticipate. GDPR affects every person and company inside and many outside the EU, including trading systems, your personal address book, and the way you hand out business cards.

Save a Million on Clearing Costs - A Webinar from Razor Risk and JXL Consulting

Mandated clearing means your OTC portfolio is bifurcated and brings new clearing costs. In this webinar we will explain the drivers and options for measuring and managing clearing costs from many angles. Any one of the ideas presented could make a material difference to your profitability.

ESMA raises concerns on fees charged by CRAs and Trade Repositories

ESMAs review of TRs (as shown in the fact sheet summary below), indicates that clients do not find it easy to compare pricing across TRs. ESMA doesn't offer any action plan at this point, only to share these observations, and perhaps behind the scenes work with TRs to make price comparisons easier.

ESMA registers NEX Abide Trade Repository AB as a trade repository