Collateral Management

Time Running Out

First, the good news. The number of credit support annexes (CSAs) that had been amended to meet new regulatory variation margin requirements more than doubled during the past week. The bad news is the overall proportion is still very low, at just 4.43%. With less than three weeks before deadline, it’s difficult to see how every one of the thousands of firms affected will be ready and able to continue accessing derivatives markets from March 1.

Uncleared Margin Rules: The Global Hurdles

This September marked seven years since the symbolic gathering of world leaders at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh that would radically change the face of derivatives trading. As markets continued to reel from the Lehman Brothers collapse a year earlier, they outlined an edict that all standardised (where appropriate) over the counter (OTC) derivatives would be “cleared through central counterparties by end-2012 at the latest.” It also established that non-centrally cleared contracts should be subject to (…) mitigate(d) systemic risk”. In other words establish risk management processes when OTC products are not centrally cleared.

LCH Swap Agent To Send Trade Sensitivities to AcadiaSoft

LCH plan to provide trade sensitivities to AcadiaSoft to support reconciliation of disputes.

When The Law Meets Technology

Across the banking industry, the combination of lawyers and technology hasn’t kept pace with automation throughout the trade processing lifecycle. One area that has resisted reform so far is the process of creating, revising and executing documents like the ISDA Master and CSAs, something that still relies upon Word and email.

Most Read: November & December 2016

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The 2017 OTC Derivatives Summit Meetings and a New Partnership

Did you know that a group of senior buy- and sell-side people meet in private each year to freely debate the state of the OTC market, and hear from regulators on the future direction of regulations?

Margining & Collateral: The New Operating Model

This is the second white paper in our series addressing the margining and collateral challenges facing the banking industry. The first paper examined the regulatory timelines and emerging vendor utility ecosystem. In this paper we look at potential disruption to the business operating model facing sell-side and buy-side firms caused by BCBS/IOSCO regulations relating to the margining of non-cleared OTC derivatives. We provide a framework for understanding which areas will be impacted and suggest an approach for planning your response.

The Future of Collateral Management

In the second part of Karl Wyborn's article on The Future of Collateral Management, he forecasts the type of solutions firms need going forward. Collateral Management is moving from being a necessary function to a regulated compliance task, hence a greater level of focus on how firms carry out their risk mitigation role.

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Are you ready for uncleared derivatives margining?

In order to buttress financial markets against another 2008 crisis, mandatory margin rules are being introduced across the globe. This article explains the timelines, gives a global settlement timing cycle chart, checklists for Legal, Operations, Risk, Tech, and Front Office.