Unity Needed on Margin Timetable

Harmonization and coordination are easy enough to identity as objectives, but harder to achieve. Regulators can take a lot of credit, then, for their efforts to develop a coordinated global margining framework for non-cleared derivatives. As part of that, each national regulator agreed to adopt the same implementation schedule, setting a start date of September 1 for the biggest banks.

Brexit: Epater les Eurogarchs

Confounding all elite prognostication (more on this aspect below), British voters repudiated their self-anointed better-thans and voted to leave the EU.

Market reaction was swift and brutal. The pound sold off dramatically, as did UK stocks. Interestingly, though, Continental stock markets fell substantially more. Bank stocks took the brunt. Volatility indices spiked. Oil was down modestly.

On-Demand Same Day Compression Service From Clearcompress

An on-demand compression service delivering capital savings on cleared trades is now available to banks through ClearCompress.

How to Spot an A-Player in an Interview Process

In the last edition we covered the significance of A-Players in the current OTC Market and discussed the benefits of hiring A-Players you already know.

OTC Clearing & Risk Management for the Buy-Side: 20% Discount for OTC Space Readers

A comprehensive 2 day conference exploring compliance with new European and US  regulations governing cleared and non cleared OTC derivatives.