Article: The Inside Story of DerivHack | The Beginning of Something Big?

04 October 2018 | Bill Hodgson

You may not have heard of DerivHack, an event run by Barclays in London and New York on September 21st and 22nd. Multiple teams entered the event in both locations with sizes from one person to four, each team including technology and business experts. Teams were from technology firms with varying backgrounds, some being users of ledger technology and some being the builders and suppliers of the ledger platforms.

The goals of the event for Barclays were:

  • Viability: Demonstrate ISDA CDM™ as a workable standard for post-trade processing
  • Adoptability: Implement CDM as an event model in enterprise and DLT platforms to provide an integrated view of trade economics and business processes
  • Opportunity: Develop a pathway for CDM based asset and functional infrastructures to enable optimisation across market infrastructure.

For background the ISDA CDM is a new project intended to move beyond FpML into a codified model of both the data and processes which represent OTC

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