Article: The EMIR Review and GDPR: Webinar Recording

11 April 2018 | Bill Hodgson

In case you couldn't attend, below is a recording of the webinar we broadcast on the 14th of March. The EMIR Review section comes first, followed by GDPR from 30:57.

EMIR Review

In order to fulfil its mandate under EMIR, the European Commission launched a public consultation in May 2015 on the implementation of EMIR so far. The Commission's final report, including a legislative proposal, was published on 4 May, 2017, suggesting a number of targeted modifications of EMIR ('EMIR Refit'). These are designed to eliminate disproportionate costs and burdens and to simplify the rules. The proposal has been further amended by the Council of the European Union on 15 November, 2017 and the EU legislative process is expected to be finalised and published by end 2018.

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