Article: Fortuna - The World's First OTC Blockchain Platform

03 April 2018 | Bill Hodgson

Fortuna (https://www.fota.top), a start-up based in Singapore aims to revolutionise the OTC market and solve “several core problems” along the way. According to their whitepaper the OTC market:

  • Lacks products innovation and variety
  • Lacks trust between participants
  • Lacks liquidity
  • Is operationally inefficient

Product innovation

For an illustration of the complexity of the OTC market you can view the official ISDA product taxonomy here: https://www.isda.org/2018/02/20/final-isda-taxonomy-v1-0-and-final-isda-taxonomy-v2-0/. This top level catalogue of product names is really a form of window dressing to make the product taxonomy digestible in the real-world, as within each of these named contracts exists the flexibility to customise each product to suit the end-users needs. The OTC market has taken around 35 years to arrive at this range of products, and has an XML based description in FpML which enables systems to express the intricate

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