News: Video Recording of Uncleared Margin Compliance in a Nutshell Webinar

09 June 2017 | Robin Moody

uncleared margin

CloudMargin and SmartDX teamed up to run a peer benchmark survey and a follow-up webinar to discuss the results and also:

  • What are the key steps to become compliant with UMR?
  • Comparing Word and Email for repapering with a modern electronic platform
  • Moving from execution to implementation, getting sign-offs and gathering the terms and data you need
  • Comparing Excel for a regulated operational task with the latest electronic platform
  • Hear from someone who’s actually trodden this path and give objective feedback

Speakers included:

  • Robin Moody - Global Head of the SmartDX business
  • Lee McCormack - Head of Strategy and Product Development
  • Ricky Maloney - Business Manager for Rates & Absolute Return

The video recording includes the following sections:

  • [00:18] Webinar and speaker introductions
  • [02:12] A quick recap on the

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