Article: Maximise your collateral management programme in 2017 | Video Highlights

26 February 2017 | Karl Wyborn

Maximise Your Collateral Management Programme

Are you ready for 2017?: CloudMargin and SWIFT hosted a breakfast meeting on Maximise Your Collateral Management Programme on February 2nd to discuss the impending uncleared margin regulations. Watch these compressed highlights to learn more. The financial industry is changing and how companies approach collateral management is becoming increasingly important. CloudMargin and SWIFT host a discussion for collateral managers and their firms to better understand how to use the most innovative communication tools to manage collateral for competitive advantage.

Panelists include:

  • Lee McCormack, Head of Strategy and Product Development, CloudMargin
  • Karl Wyborn, Global Head of Sales, CloudMargin
  • Matt Cook, Senior Markets Manager Capital Markets & FX, SWIFT

After watching you will leave having learned about:

  • The major post-crisis regulatory changes that are affecting the

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