Article: Some Recent Regulatory Developments in the Derivatives Space

15 February 2017 | Peter Ten-Broeke

In this article, I will provide a snapshot of some derivatives related regulatory developments, which may be of interest to the reading audience. It is to some extent a random selection of topics, all of which have however been, or are currently, the centre of attention of the relevant regulators and the derivatives industry, either as a result of the introduction of new regulations or through the publication of consultation papers. Given that this article seeks to focus on some main regulatory highlights, the level of detail provided will necessarily be limited. However, a further in-depth analysis of any of the topics discussed below may follow in a future article.

Some Recent Regulatory Developments in the Derivatives Space

I will first provide a hopefully helpful summary of discussions on the development of recovery and resolution frameworks for central counterparties (CCPs). Since the introduction of

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