News: FIS Video: The Economics of Collateral and Making a Profit (Parts 1 to 3)

19 August 2016 | Ted Allen

In this video of the webinar, originally broadcast on the 28th of June, our panel discusses the latest research into the effects of mandatory clearing and bilateral margining on your collateral management activity. 

  • Is cash still king? 80%+ of margin calls are met with cash but in this low interest rate environment, is this still appropriate?
  • What are the platform and infrastructure choices to meet the March 2017 non-cleared OTC collateral regulations?
  • How can funds utilise their assets to cover margin calls without reducing their return on investment?
  • When will the shortfall of assets kick in and what should you do?
  • What you really need from an optimisation approach
  • What new innovations are happening in collateral management?

Speakers (details below) are:

  • Ted Allen, Head of Product management for Collateral at FIS
  • John Lund from JXL Consulting
  • Eric Bystrom from Commerzbank

For more information on these topics please contact:

  • Ted Allen, Head of Product management for Collateral at FIS

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