Article: Artificial Intelligence in Post Trade: The Dawn of a New Era?

22 June 2016 | Patrick Thornton-Smith

I saw a news article recently about how high frequency trading firms are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their trading performance and profit. Two large companies were mentioned with each having a slightly different approach.

AI in the front office

Nomura Securities are soon to be releasing a new stock trading system, built around analysing and assessing vast price and trading data resources. The system aims to simulate the insights of experienced (human) traders and make predictions based on historical market conditions and the correlation to current asset prices.

Nothing particularly new about that, but the difference is they will be using AI tools to enable the system to enhance its price prediction ability as it gains more experience. Just like a mortal but at speeds and data quantities impossible for the human brain to handle.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has taken a slightly different approach, yet still harnessing computer-science based, machine learning capabilities. Their new

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