Article: When Big Banks Build Small

16 June 2016 | Barry Quinn

By Mathew Keshav Lewis and Barry Quinn, Co-heads of Global Banking Practice, Axiom

May 2016

Big banks are, ironically, ‘building’ small. Faced with an unprecedented compliance requirement in the form of new margin mandates, banks are doing what they have always done: tackling each regulation anew by constructing small compliance ‘houses’. Rather than identifying solutions that will allow them to meet massive compliance requirements more effectively, the house-build approach tackles each regulation separately, with the same inefficient toolset (more regulation equals more lawyers).

An alternative solution is to build compliance skyscrapers: leveraging fewer lawyers, but more technology and robust process to enable compliance solutions that solve for scale and repeatability. 

Uncleared Derivatives: A Brief Primer

For years now, banks have attempted to keep-pace with the steady stream of complex regulations developed in the wake of 2008: Dodd-Frank, EMIR, FATCA, the list

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