News: Rocket 5 - Blast Off Approaching

28 October 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Rocket 5. With all original content, we're confident it's going to be popular; the last edition got lots of positive feedback. The launch date is set for November, and the following article titles provide a clue as to what can be expected:


  • Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: by Michael Bryant
  • Almost there? A bumpy road to the margining regime for non-centrally cleared derivatives in Europe: by Silvia Devulder
  • Compliance is a Journey, not a Goal: by Bill Hodgson
  • Financial regulation of the energy and commodity trading sector - what is happening and what could it mean?: by Aviv Handler
  • EMIR Review: EMIR revisited or EMIR II?: by Peter Ten-Broeke
  • Equivalance: The Key to Global OTC Reform: by John Philpott


Post Trade

  • Enabling Product Innovation for Asset Managers through Derivatives Governance: by Geoff Cole and Jackie Colella
  • A Bridge Over Troubled Waters? Bringing derivatives under effective control: by Hugh Daly
  • Bilateral OTC margining: marathon or spint?: by David Field


  • Readiness for Mandatory Clearing (or maybe "Ready... Set...Go!"): by Jamie Gavin
  • CCP Notionals Scoresheet: by Amir Khwaja

Collateral Management

Risk Management

  • Compressions: a controlled risk to improve the leverage ratio under Basel III: by Diana Higgins


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