News: Rocket 4 Downloadable PDF Edition

07 July 2015 | Samantha Hodgson

The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the availability of the Rocket 4 'download edition'. With all original content, we're confident it's going to be popular; the last edition got lots of positive feedback. The PDF copy of the magazine includes bonus content that we couldn't squeeze into the physical copy of the magazine which was distributed in June 2015. Bonus content highlighted in lavender purple.



  • Dealing with the ever-growing regulatory burden in capital markets: Michel Dorval
  • MiFID II: How to capitalise on the creative destruction of the status quo: Christian Lee, Debasree Bhattacharya & Damon Batten
  • REMIT: A whistle stop tour: Aviv Handler


  • SGX: Setting the pace in Asian Foreign Exchange: William Barkshire
  • CCP Notionals Scoresheet: Amir Khwaja
  • SEF's: Surprisingly Useful Despite Detractors: Sol Steinberg
  • Mandatory electronic execution: what's happening around the world?: Simon Maisey
  • What you need to know about CME-LCH Basis: Amir Khwaja

Post Trade

  • Margining rules: Is time still of essence?: Silvia Devulder
  • The SEC Weighs in on Swaps Reporting: George Bollenbacher


  • Choosing a Segregation Model at Eurex Clearing - key selection criteria: Byron Baldwin
  • Establishing a port in a storm...: Jamie Gavin
  • Pure Agency Client Clearing: Jon Skinner

Collateral Management

  • When does it make sense to outsource?: Maurice Schuster, Thomas Schiebe, Chris Ekonomidis & Neil Wright
  • Conquering the cost conundrum: James Cherry


  • Revelation: the ISDA Master Agreement and Related Arrangements: Iona J. Levine


The PDF is attached below, click to download; please share this page with your friends and colleagues as this is open to all readers.