Rocket Edition 3 | Blast Off Approaching


The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Rocket 3. With all original content, we're confident it's going to be popular; the last edition got lots of positive feedback. The launch date is set for March, and the following article titles provide a teaser as to what can be expected:

  • Foreign banks tangled up in the Volcker Rule: Mayra Rodriguez Valladares
  • European Regulatory Authority finally moving forward: Sol Steinberg
  • Portfolio compression winners and losers: Diana Higgins
  • The clearing mandate: Jon Gregory
  • CCP Risk Assessment Reports: Bill Hodgson
  • CCP Notionals Scoresheet: Bill Hodgson
  • Solving the collateral conundrum: Ricky Maloney
  • Collateral Management Infrastructure - 10 Reasons You Need to Invest: Ted Allen
  • So Many Margin Models: Peter Walsh
  • Months to Go - Margin on Bilateral OTC Trades: Bill Hodgson
  • Asymmetry of CSAs Causes FVA Costs: Ben Larah
  • A-Players and the World of OTC: Daniel Halstead
  • Build Team Harmony to Get More Done: Penny Davenport
  • Document digitisation: Nana Solomon

As with the successful launches of Rocket 1 and Rocket 2, we'll be delivering Rocket 3 at a number of events, to our readers and other interested parties. This will include FIA BOCA, TSAM 2015 in London, FOW Trading in Amsterdam, and Fleming APAC in Singapore. To ensure your free copy of Rocket 3, it's important that all our readers are registered with their up-to-date postal address, including your country of residence.

To double check your address, or update it, visit your Account via the home page (or use the Register page first if you haven't already):

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Click Account (in the middle of the row of black buttons)
  3. Click Edit Profile (in the row of buttons at the top)
  4. Click Reader (top right)
  5. There you can see your profile, with a box for your address - complete it accurately, and click Save