News: European CCP Authorisation | May 23rd

23 May 2014 | Bill Hodgson

Two more CCPs have been authorised by ESMA under EMIR, the updated score sheet is below, the ESMA updated PDF is attached which catalogues the authorisation, and also their high level product coverage. The source of the news is this page from ESMA, their PDF is here and attached below. (This is an update to a the previous chart here)



You miss a CCP. Holland Clearing House N.V.

Odd - I took my list from ESMA. I shall add that one in the next edition then ;-)

Isn't NOS Clearing part of NASDAQ OMX now?

Yes - I see it moved as of April 7th this year. My chart is based on the list from ESMA, I'll update the list when the next CCP is authorised. Thanks Tony.

You should always try and use a reliable source :-)