LCH.Clearnet and UnaVista Announce Readiness for EMIR Trade Reporting

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On the LSEG website is an announcement that UnaVista and LCH are ready for the start of EMIR Trade Reporting, having back-loaded many millions of trades. Does anyone know the status of other CCPs and major infrastructure firms?
Mark Husler, CEO, UnaVista said: “We are delighted to confirm that customers have begun full trade reporting on the UnaVista Trade Repository platform ahead of the EMIR reporting requirement date of 12 February 2014. Our customers and their clients are now able to ensure compliance with their EMIR reporting obligations across all asset classes from day one. We are pleased to provide a platform which meets the needs of our clients to comply with their regulatory requirements.”
Michael Davie, CEO of LCH.Clearnet Ltd said: “We have successfully completed the necessary back-loading of over 5.8 million trades in line with the EMIR requirements and are now able, through the UnaVista Trade Repository, to achieve compliance with the EMIR trade reporting requirements ahead of the go-live on 12 February 2014.”